APNIC Hackathons

What are ‘Hackathons’?

Hackathons (hacking marathons) are events where a group of people work together on a pre-defined set of problems, intensively, for a period of a few days.

Mostly ‘hacking’ means coding, programming, software development – but there can be other creative activities involved. Although a Hackathon could be competitive, the APNIC Hackathon will be a cooperative/collaborative activity, creating free and open source products.

Hackathons bring together network operators, researchers, designers, students, developers, testers and maybe even experts in other areas (journalists, analysts, activists, lawyers, etc.) who could also contribute through their experience and background, despite of not having technical skills.

Why participate

  • Socialize with other professionals
  • Exchange ideas and points of views about topics related to Internet measurements and Internet infrastructure
  • Learn new skills

Who should get involved?

  • Informatics professionals (Developers, testers, designers, etc.)
  • Telecommunications professionals (Networks/Telecoms engineers, networks administrators/operators, etc.)
  • Researchers working on Internet measurements, networking or similar projects
  • Advanced students of technology degrees

APNIC Hackathon 1

APNIC held its first Hackathon at APRICOT 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal from 23 to 25 February 2018. Held on IPv6, five teams with participants from economies all over the Asia Pacific came up with novel and informative ideas on ways to resolve IPv6-related challenges.

Sofia Silva Berenguer gives an overview of the two-day Hackathon.

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