IPv6 transition stories

Today's Internet developed as a result of progressive deregulation of the telecommunication environment. Network operators both fiercely compete in the market economy, while cooperating to overcome common technical challenges by sharing knowledge, experience, and forming best current practices to reference in daily operations. The success of global IPv6 also depends on sharing knowledge and experiences. APNIC encourages operators to share their stories to help their peers around the world. Here is some useful information we've curated:

Internet Service Providers

Presentation Abstract
Enabling IPv6 on FTTH, Chubu Telecommunications (JP), August 2013

Chubu Telecommunications Co., Inc (CTC) is a regional ISP in Japan with about 600,000 subscribers. Their services include high-speed Internet access, VoIP etc. CTC started IPv6 implementation in March 2011, and in August 2012 they started delivering IPv6enabled access services. CTC currently has 30% of end users that are IPv6-ready (by labs.apnic.net, ASN = 18126) as of 2nd Oct 2013. This presentation shares CTC's experience in IPv6 deployment.

Implementing IPv6 in RCS&RDS Network (RO), RIPE 65, 2012

RCS&RDS is a network operator in Romania (RIPE region). Their goal for "IPv6 for every residential customer", started with an IPv6 pilot deployment and they enabled IPv6 in their production networks in 2011. RCS&RDS is one of the top 5 Service Providers in the world with the highest IPv6 traffic in their networks. Their main strategy is to provide IPv6 to all customers and avoid CGN.

KDDI (JP) IPv6 deployment, APNIC 33 2012

KDDI did a firmware upgrade with IPv6 on Home Gateway equipment from the KDDI network operation center, so customers with IPv6 enabled devices could access their IPv6 networks without taking any actions. KDDI is one of the top 5 Service Providers in the world with highest IPv6 traffic in their networks.

IPv6 experience at Internode (AU), APRICOT-APAN 2011

Internode started their IPv6 deployment in 2007 to prepare for the IPv4 exhaustion. Currently all new customers are given an IPv6 address by default.
IPv6@ Free (FR): Native IPv6 to the user, RIPE 58 2009

Free is the second-largest ISP in France, offering "Opt-in" IPv6 services in 2007. They currently have  more than 20% of all IPv6 traffic in their network.
Mobile Network Operators

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IPv6 at T-Mobile USA LTE Asia, 2013

IPv6 in Mobile Networks: Lessons Learned and Strategies Forward looks at T-Mobile USA's approach to mobile and LTE IPv6 deployment as their preferred approach to IPv4 exhaustion.

Presentation Abstract

IPv6 at T-Mobile USA APNIC 35, 2013

T-Mobile USA currently has IPv6 on GSM/UMTS/LTE optionally, and will soon provide IPv6 services by default. Most things work fine with IPv6 only and NAT64 in mobile networks, but some things do not work well enough for production networks. What was T-Mobile USA's solution? Find out more in this presentation.

IPv6 Progress at China Mobile (CN) APNIC 34, 2012

China Mobile is conducting network trials and tests on TD-LTE on IPv6 in eight provinces. China Mobile estimates that 20-40 times more IP addresses will be required in LTE than 2G/3G networks, and started experimenting in 2011 with IPv6.
IPv6 at Verizon Wireless (US) APNIC 34, 2012

Verizon Wireless launched LTE in late 2010 and is currently running the largest IPv6 network in the world. They recognize that IPv4 NAT is problematic in certain situations and IPv6 is a necessity.
Content Providers

Presentation Abstract
World IPv6 Day for Google APNIC 32, 2011

One of the leading organizsations that coordinated World IPv6 Day (2011) and World IPv6 Launch (2012), Google enabled their services over IPv6 and shared experiences. Google measures IPv6 traffic on their site and share aggregated statistics.

Facebook at APNIC 32, 2012

One of the leading organizations that coordinated World IPv6 Day and World IPv6 Launch, Facebook enabled their services over IPv6 and shared their experiences. www.facebook.com is now on IPv6.

Yahoo World IPv6 Day Recap at APNIC 32, 2011

One of the leading organizations that coordinated World IPv6 Day and World IPv6 Launch, Yahoo enabled their services over IPv6 and shared their experiences:

  • Don't start something big and risky at a traffic inflection point
  • Always have more than one way to look at things
  • Practice makes perfect. Schedule test runs for major changes
Network Equipment and Mobile Handheld Device Vendors

Presentation Abstract
[email protected] Smart Phone, APNIC 35, 2013

Bringing mobile devices to the Internet does not represent a simple growth in the number of devices. These devices hold IP addresses longer and make more connections. They need to be ready with IPv6 so they can maintain transparent end-to-end connectivity. Learn more about Samsung Smart Phones IPv6 readiness, and their vision of IPv6 for the future.
D-Link IPv6 CPE Device Development, APNIC 32, 2011

Home Gateway readiness is an important element of IPv6 deployment. D-Link is one of the early IPv6 adopters among CPE device vendors. This presentation shows what features you should expect from IPv6-ready CPEs.