2024 Activity Tracker

The Activity Plan and Budget outlines APNIC’s planned activities in 2024, structured under four pillars (Registry, Development, Engagement, Capability), two ‘Value Streams’, two ‘Enablers’, and 10 ‘Most Important Goals’.

Progress against success measures

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In progress =
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R1. Registry Services

Activity Target Results Status
R1.1. Resource registration and transfers 1. Achieve and maintain an average satisfaction score of at least 85% for resource delegation and transfers.
2. 100% of tickets receiving ‘poor’ ratings are investigated for policy and procedure compliance.
R1.2. Member Services 1. Maintain Helpdesk SLA of two business day response to enquiries (>99.90%).
2. Maintain service satisfaction ratings of at least 93% ‘excellent and above average’ feedback.
3. Establish ticket response time baseline measurement by end of Q2.
4. Increase total number of Members by 370.
R1.3. Member Experience 1. 100% of feedback items are assessed and action upon.
2. Increase total user research to at least 400 engagements.
3. Face-to-face user research events are held at least once in each sub-region.
4. Achieve total APNIC Survey response of at least 1,500 completions.
R1.4. Policy Development 1. Achieve policy SIG Chair Support satisfaction of at least 85%.
2. Publish a policy proposal impact analysis before each Open Policy Meeting (OPM).
3. Meet 100% of policy implementation timelines.

R2. Products and Infrastructure

Activity Target Results Status
R2.1. Registry Products 1. Active participation in IETF standardization work as it relates to RPKI, and RDAP services.
2. Complete all goals for Registry Products as outlined in the APNIC Product Roadmap.
R2.2. Membership Products 1. Achieve average satisfaction of at least 80% for MyAPNIC.
2. Complete all goals for Membership Products as outlined in the APNIC Product Roadmap.
R2.3. Information Products 1. Achieve at least 20% increase in the number of DASH alert subscribers from 2023 (from 174 to 209).
2. Complete all goals for Information Products as outlined in the APNIC Product Roadmap.
R2.4. Infrastructure Services 1. Complete regular data centre failover and backup recovery tests.
2. Maintain availability of at least 99.99% for critical APNIC services and at least 99.95% for less-critical services.
3. Respond to all critical incidents within 20 minutes.
4. Migrate all services using end-of-life OS by Q4 2024.
5. Implement product pipeline code scanning by Q4 2024.
6. Migrate all SaaS resources to Infrastructure-as-code management by Q4 2024.


D1. APNIC Academy

Activity Target Results Status
D1.1. Training content and curriculum 1. Achieve at least 12,000 hours of usage in self-paced online courses and virtual labs in 2024.
2. Achieve average satisfaction of at least 80% on training content.
D1.2. Academy Platform 1. Maintain Academy platform availability of at least 99.95%.
2. Achieve a total of 38,000 registered users on the Academy platform in 2024.
3. Complete all goals for Academy Products as outlined in the APNIC Product Roadmap
D1.3. Training events 1. Conduct at least 12,000 hours of instructor-led training.
2. Conduct at least four workshops/tutorials for each core topic.
3. Achieve average training satisfaction of 80% on instructor-led training delivery.
4. Maintain a cohort of 30 Volunteer CTs and 10 Retained CTs.

D2. Technical and Security Community Support

Activity Target Results Status
D2.1. Technical Engagements 1. Support at least 35 technical and security community events.
2. Support at least two new/revived community events (opportunity permitting).
D2.2. Technical assistance and Internet infrastructure support 1. Support at least two IXPs to deploy ROV.
2. Overall satisfaction rating of at least 80% for technical assistance.
D2.3. M-Root deployment 1. Complete at least eight M-Root server deployments commenced before 2024.
2. Identify and prepare at least eight additional M-Root server sites.
D2.4. Community Honeynet and Security Threat Sharing Platform 1. Increase the number of honeypot sensors to 400 from 200 (+100% on 2023).
  2. Organize quarterly honey and threat sharing community events.

D3. APNIC Labs

Activity Target Results Status
D3.1. Research and analysis 1. Publish at least 20 articles or reports on resource outcomes.
2. Present at least 15 research presentations, including at least two at APNIC conferences.
3. Discuss research on 12 podcasts.
4. Undertake at least three significant cooperative research activities.


E1. Relationship Coordination

Activity Target Results Status
E1.1. Outreach Coordination 1. Achieve 350 engagements with at least 30% remote engagements.
2. Achieve 1,000 unique contact in touchpoints.
3. Achieve at least 100 touchpoints with unique senior non-technical decision maker contacts.

E2. Online Communication

Activity Target Results Status
E2.1. Blog and Podcast 1. Achieve average of at least 85,000 blog views per month.
2. Maintain blog Guest Post ratio between 50 and 65%.
3. Achieve at least 19,000 podcast listens.
4. Achieve a blog satisfaction rating of at least 80% in the 2024 APNIC Survey.
5. Achieve a podcast satisfaction rating of at least 80% in the 2024 APNIC Survey.
E2.2. Online Community 1. Attract at least 1,000 new registered users of Orbit.
2. Achieve at least 500 posts from the Orbit web interface.
3. Achieve at least 1,500 new posts to the Orbit platform overall.

E3. Stakeholder Cooperation

Activity Target Results Status
E3.1. Government relations 1. Complete at least four capacity-building partnerships with governments and intergovernmental agencies.
2. Hold at least two roundtables with senior non-technical decision makers, including government representatives.
3. Complete at least three capacity building partnerships with public safety agencies in the region.
E3.2. Internet governance 1. Submit at least two workshop proposals at both the APrIGF 2024 and IGF 2024.
2. Participate and/or sponsor at least five national or sub-regional Internet governance activities.
3. Participate and/or sponsor at least two schools of Internet governance or academies such as APIGA.
E3.3. Internet organization cooperation 1. Implement APNIC’s commitments under the NRO strategic plan.
2. Participate in all NRO EC and I-star coordination meetings.
3. Participate in all RIR Open Policy Meetings (face-to-face or remotely).

E4. Community Participation

Activity Target Results Status
E4.1. APNIC conferences 1. Achieve a total attendance of at least 1,200 (face-to-face and online) across two conferences.
2. Achieve a Net Promoter Score of at least 50 at each conference.
3. Achieve APNIC conference/event satisfaction of at least 85% in the 2024 APNIC Survey.
E4.2. Diversity and participation 1. Attract at least 500 newcomers and at least 500 SIG participants (in person and online) across two conferences.
2. Achieve at least 50% female and 20% youth participation in 2024 Fellowships.
3. Achieve a fellowship graduation rate of at least 80%.
4. Achieve a fellowship program Net Promoter Score of at least 80.
5. Achieve elected leaders support satisfaction of at least 85%.


C1. Business Systems

Activity Target Results Status
C1.1. Enterprise IT and Internal Security 1. Achieve a successful ISO 27001 surveillance audit.
2. Mitigate all critical vulnerability reports within seven days and resolve within 30 days.
C1.2. Business intelligence 1. Metrics related to data accuracy, completeness, and consistency established by Q2.
2. Data vault v2.0 methodology fully deployed by Q4.

C2. Finance and Business Services

Activity Target Results Status
C2.1. Financial services 1. Achieve a successful audit of APNIC’s annual financial accounts.
2. Prove the APNIC EC with accurate financial reporting each quarter (including key compliance activities).
3. Annual expenses growth will not exceed 4%.
C2.2. Facilities and business services 1. No preventable incidents or injuries (physical or psychological) occur under APNIC’s duty of care.
2. Meet or exceed Glint global benchmark for Inclusiveness (77%).

C3. Employee Experience

Activity Target Results Status
C3.1. Organizational development 1. Meet or exceed LinkedIn Glint global benchmark for Employee Engagement (75%).
2. Employee turnover is within or below the Human Capital Index global benchmark of 5-15%.
3. Meet or exceed LinkedIn Glint global benchmark of 5-15%.
4. Meet or exceed LinkedIn Glint global benchmark for Culture (73%).
C3.2. People operations 1. Meet or exceed LinkedIn Glint global benchmark for Rewards (63%).
2. Meet or exceed LinkedIn Glint global benchmark for Satisfaction with Role (78%).
3. 100% of HR Services are reviewed annually.

C4. Governance

Activity Target Results Status
C4.1. Legal and Corporate Governance 1. Publish all required reports at APNIC Member Meetings.
2. Publish EC minutes within two months of each EC meeting.
3. Achieve a satisfaction rating of at least 85% from a survey of EC members.
C4.2. Quality and Risk Management 1. Complete quarterly risk review with APNIC leadership and EC.
2. Achieve a successful ISO 9001 surveillance audit.
3. Implement a new Risk Management System by Q4.