2022 Activity Tracker

The Activity Plan and Budget outlines APNIC’s planned activities in 2022, structured under five pillars (Membership, Registry, Development, Information and Capability) and 18 workstreams. You can track the progress of those activities on this page.

Last updated: 27/02/23

Progress against success measures

Complete =
At least 90% complete =
Less than 90% complete =


1A. Member Services

Activity Target Results Status
1A.1. Member service delivery 1. Increase Member outreach touchpoints by at least 20% from 148 in 2021. 268 touchpoints
2. Maintain Helpdesk SLA of two business day response to enquiries. 99.99% SLA
3. Maintain Member Service satisfaction of at least 93% “excellent and above average”. 95%
4. Proactive Member service engagement in at least 47 economies. 32 economies
5. Conduct quarterly meetings with all NIRs. 4 out of 4
1A.2. Member experience 1. 100% of improvement suggestions are assessed and followed up. 100% resolved
2. Increase engagement with User Feedback Group by at least 20% from 298 in 2021. 421 engagements
3. Achieve online System Usability Scale (SUS) score of 68/100. 68/100
1A.3. Membership development 1. At least eight membership development activities in target economies. 8 out of 8
2. Achieve at least 492 new Members (net) in 2022. 500
1A.4. APNIC Survey 1. Increase total survey response by at least 10% from 1,624 in 2020. 1,622 
2. Achieve at least 10% of responses by new survey participants. 61%
1A.5. Historical resources transition 1. Attempt contact with all 1,900 historical resource holders. Contact attempted with 3,377
2. All 7,341,824 historical IPs are either registered to a current APNIC account or deregistered. 2,676,480 remain
3. All remaining unused resources are claimed, transferred, or returned to APNIC. 2023 completion

1B. Membership Products

Activity Target Results Status
1B.1. Membership Product management 1. Maintain MyAPNIC availability of at least 99.99%. 99.99%
2. Achieve Membership Products satisfaction of at least 80%. 81%
1B.2. Membership Product development 1. Achieve all 2022 goals according to the Membership Products Roadmap. 13 completed
1 in progress
0 deferred

1C. Membership Reporting

Activity Target Results Status
1C.1. Planning and reporting 1. Publish required reports on the day of the APNIC Member Meetings. Achieved 
2. Publish EC Minutes within two months of each EC meeting. Achieved


2A. Registration Services

Activity Target Results Status
2A.1. IPv4, IPv6 and ASN delegation and registration services to APNIC Members 1. Maintain Registration Services SLA of two business day response to enquiries. 99.99%
2. Increase percentage of Members holding IPv6 address space to at least 70% from 68%. 69.47%
2A.2. Maintain correct and current registry data 1. Comply with ITHI reporting requirements. 2 out of 3 implemented
2. Increase validation of registration records to at least 85% from 76%. 80%

2B. Registry Products

Activity Target Results Status
2B.1. Internet number registry management 1. Maintain APNIC Registry Management System (ARMS) availability of at least 99.99%. 99.99%
2B.2. Registry Product management 1. Maintain whois, RDAP, RPKI, RDNS and IRR availability of at least 99.99%. 99.99%
2. Update APNIC RDAP to comply with the RIR RDAP profile. Completed
3.Migrate RDNS API services to CentOS 7. Scheduled for Q1 2023
2B.3. Registry Product development 1. Achieve all 2022 goals, according to the Registry Products Roadmap. 3 completed
3 in progress
0 deferred
2B.4. Registry re-architecture 1. Progress development of a Member API with a completion target of 2023. Development milestones achieved
  2. Progress reimplementation of the internal registry in Java with a completion target of 2023. Deferred to 2023
2B.5. Readiness for Five-9s availability for highly critical services 1. Achieve readiness to implement by end of 2022. Completed

2C. Policy Development

Activity Target Results Status
2C.1. Policy development 1. Achieve SIG Chair Support satisfaction of at least 6/7. 6.8 out of 7
  2. Achieve PDP satisfaction of at least 5.75/7 in the APNIC Survey. 6.16
  3. Participate in all NIR OPMs. 2 out of 2
2C.2. Policy implementation 1. Meet 100% of implementation timelines. 100% met
2C.3. Policy analysis 1. Publish a policy proposal analysis before each Open Policy Meeting (OPM). 2 out of 2 published


3A. APNIC Conferences

Activity Target Results Status
3A.1. APNIC conferences 1. Achieve total attendance of at least 1,200 (face-to-face and online) across two conferences. 2,044
2. Achieve participant satisfaction of at least 90% at each conference. 96% and 95%
4. Achieve Net Promoter Score (NPS) of at least 50 at each conference. NPS 60 and 65

3C. Community Engagement

Activity Target Results Status
3C.1. Technical community support 1. Support at least 30 technical community events (opportunity permitting). 30 out of 30
2. Support at least one new/revived NOG in two sub-regions (if required). 1 supported
3C.2. Security community support 1. Support at least 12 security community events (opportunity permitting). 22 events
2. Support development of at least four new or existing CERTs/CSIRTs (if needed). 4 out of 4
3. Organize quarterly threat sharing community events. 4 out of 4
3C.3. Internet organization cooperation 1. Ensure APNIC is represented in all NRO EC and ‘I-star’ coordination meetings. 6 out of 6
2. Participate in all RIR OPMs. 7 out of 8
3C.4. Internet governance participation 1. Organize at least three workshop proposals at APrIGF 2022. Co-hosted conference
2. Support at least five national or sub-regional Internet governance events. 11 events
3C.5. Government engagement 1. Participate in at least 12 governmental or intergovernmental engagements. 22 engagements
2. Support at least three governmental capacity-building events. 3 out of 3
3C.6. External relations coordination 1. Increase ER touchpoints by at least 5% from 456 in 2021. 1,200 touchpoints (163%)
2. Achieve at least 250 APNIC engagements in 2022. 420 engagements

3D. Community Participation

Activity Target Results Status
3D.1. Community-led processes 1. Achieve at least 850 online SIG participants across two conferences. 929 participants
2. Achieve at least 120 online participants across at least four inter-sessional SIG meetings. 2 meetings/55 participants
3. Achieve SIG satisfaction of at least 5.8/7 in the APNIC Survey. 6.00
3D.2. Online participation 1. Achieve at least 500 registered users of the APNIC community platform. 8,766 users
3D.3. Encouraging newcomers and diversity 1. Attract at least 400 newcomers to APNIC conferences. 915 newcomers
2. Achieve at least 50% female and 30% youth participation in 2022 Fellowships. 50% female, 37% youth
3. Achieve a fellowship graduation rate of at least 80%. 87%
4. Achieve a fellowship program NPS of at least 80. NPS 100
3D.4. Online community platform 1. Achieve at least 500 registered users of the platform. 8,766 users

3E. APNIC Academy

Activity Target Results Status
3E.1. Academy Product management 1. Maintain Academy platform availability of at least 99.95%. 99.99%
2. Achieve a rating of at least 6.00 for APNIC training in the APNIC Survey. 6.40
3E.2. Instructor-led training 1. Conduct at least 100 instructor-led tutorials/workshops. 141 tutorials/workshops
2. Conduct at least 18 live webinars. 18 out of 18
3. Achieve average training survey rating of 4/5. 4.3 out of 5
3E.3. Self-paced training 1. Increase total self-paced online course usage by at least 30% from 3,340 hours in 2021. 4,414 hours (32%)
2. Increase total virtual lab usage by at least 20% from 6,902 hours in 2021. 12,125 hours (76%)
3. Increase registered users of the APNIC Academy by at least 25% from 17,018 in 2021. 23,801 (40%)
3E.4. Community Trainers network 1. Recruit at least 12 new retained Community Trainers (CTs). 6 out of 12
  2. Recruit at least 10 new volunteering CTs. 6 out of 10
3E.5. Technical assistance 1. Respond to all technical assistance requests within seven days. Achieved
3E.6. RPKI awareness and deployment support 1. Conduct at least two instructor-led RPKI/ROV tutorials/workshops per sub-region. 26 conducted (14 SEA, 6 EA, 2 SA, 4 OC)
2. Achieve at least 90% ROA coverage for at least one additional economy per sub-region. 2 economies
3. Publish at least three RPKI/ROV deployment case studies. 3 out of 3
3E.7. IPv6 awareness and deployment support 1. Conduct at least two instructor-led IPv6 deployment tutorials/workshops per sub-region. 25 completed (10 AP, 5 EA, 7 SA, 3 SEA)
2. Publish at least two IPv6 deployment case studies. 2 out of 2
3E.8. Academy Product development 1. Achieve all 2022 goals according to the Academy Products Roadmap. 7 completed
0 in progress
1 deferred
3E.9. Curriculum for non-technical audiences 1. Release phase 1 of IPGO by June 2022. Delayed until 2023

3F. Internet Infrastructure Support

Activity Target Results Status
3F.1. Internet infrastructure deployment 1. Support deployment of at least two new or upgraded IXPs. 1 completed
2 in progress
2. Support at least four IXPs to deploy ROV. 1 deployed
1 in progress
3. Deploy at least four root-servers per sub-region, including M-Root servers (see 3F.3). 2 out of 4 SEA
0 out of 4 SA
0 out of 4 EA
1 out of 4 OC
4. Deploy or upgrade at least one RIPE Atlas anchor per sub-region. 1 out of 4
3F.2. Community Honeynet and Security Threat Sharing Platform 1. Increase the number of honeypot sensors by at least 60% from 60 in 2021. 100 sensors (67%)
  2. Increase the Community Honeynet and Security Threat Sharing Platform partners by at least 30% from 15 in 2021. 20 partners (33%)
3F.3. M-Root deployment support 1. Complete 10 M-Root server deployments commenced in 2021. 4 out of 10
  2. Identify and prepare at least 15 additional M-Root server sites. 7 out of 15
9 in negotiation


4A. Information Products

Activity Target Results Status
4A.1. APNIC Blog and Podcast 1. Achieve at least 70,000 Blog views per month. 79,707
2. Maintain Blog Guest Post ratio between 45-65%. 60%
3. Achieve at least 4,000 podcast listens. 11,907
4. Achieve a Blog satisfaction rating of at least 5.95/7 in the APNIC Survey. 6.16
4A.2. Information product management 1. Maintain Information Product availability of at least 99.95%. 99.99%
2. Reach an average of 500 users per month:
REx: 1,000 
DASH: 500 
NetOX: 500
REx: 2,210
DASH: 394
NetOX: 3,559
3. Achieve a NPS score of 60+ for all products. REx: 32
NetOX: 57
4. Maintain a usability score of at least 4.5/5 for all products. REx: 4.3
DASH: 4.4
NetOX: 4.6
4A.3. Information product development 1. Achieve all 2022 goals, according to the Information Products Roadmap. 7 completed
1 in progress
1 deferred

4B. Research and Analysis

Activity Target Results Status
4B.1. Conducting research and measurements 1. See 4B.3.
4B.2. Research cooperation 1. Undertake at least two significant cooperative research activities. 3 activities
4B.3. Sharing research outcomes 1. Publish at least 12 articles or reports on resource outcomes. 47 articles
2. Present at least 12 research presentations, including at least two at APNIC conferences. 41 presentations 


5A. Internal Technical Infrastructure

Activity Target Results Status
5A.1. Architecture and technical coordination 1. Review technology recommendations once per quarter. Completed
  2. Report quarterly on architectural decisions and directions. Completed
5A.2. Network and infrastructure operations 1. Complete quarterly data centre failover and backup recovery tests. Completed
2. Respond to all critical incidents within 20 minutes. No critical incidents
3. Maintain availability of at least 99.99% for critical APNIC services and at least 99.95% for less-critical services. Both 99.99%
5A.3. System and platform operations 1. Deploy additional Hardware Security Module (HSM) to High Availability (HA) group in multiple data centres. Completed
2. Complete CentOS migration plan. Completed
3. Deploy redundant load balancers. Completed
5A.4. Internal security operations 1. Achieve ISO27001 certification. Completed
2. Mitigate all critical vulnerability reports within seven days and resolve within 30 days. No critical vulnerability reports
5A.5. Enterprise application and IT support 1. Meet SLA of two business-day response for internal IT support. SLA met
5A.6. Security infrastructure upgrade 1. Complete automation of patch management. Completed
  2. Complete email business rule deployment using standard best practice. 2023 completion
  3. Implement improved user authentication and access management system. 2023 completion

5B. Finance and Business Services

Activity Target Results Status
5B.1. Internal knowledge management 1. Complete migration during Q1 2022. Completed
5B.2. Financial services 1. Achieve a successful audit of APNIC’s annual financial accounts. Completed
5B.3. Business services 1. Maintain all Office facilities to established annual schedule. Completed
2. Audit travel requests and expense transactions for policy alignment. Completed
5B.4. Data intelligence and data analytics 1. 100% automation of monthly Secretariat reporting data/charts from the BI system. 60% complete
5B.5. Data management and governance 1. Data model and governance are documented and implemented. 50% complete
  2. Data ingestion system established and working effectively. 30% complete

5C. Employee Experience

Activity Target Results Status
5C.1. Organizational development 1. Complete Agile adoption by end of Q2 2022. Completed
2. Staff satisfaction ratings meet or exceed external benchmarks in 2022. Completed
3. An internal communications specialist is appointed by end of Q2 2022. Completed
5C.2. Work environment management 1. Zero WHS incidents due to APNIC-controlled environmental factors. No incidents
  2. All travellers meet travel and safety requirements as per the Travel Health policy. 100% compliance
5C.3. Talent attraction and retention 1. Maintain staff turnover rate within benchmark of 5-15%. 9.7%
2. Fill all open roles within 90 days from advertisement. 71-day average
3. Every advertised vacancy has a minimum of four simultaneous candidate sources. 100% compliance
5C.4. People operations management 1. Complete deployment of all selected modules of the Sage People system. Completed
  2. Demonstrated reduced cost of HR administration platforms. Completed
  3. Payroll review completed by end of Q3 2022. Deferred to 2023
5C.5. APNIC workspace improvement 1. Complete all budgeted facility upgrades by end of Q3 2022. Completed

5D. Governance

Activity Target Results Status
5D.1. Executive Council (EC) support 1. Achieve a satisfaction rating of at least 6/7 from a survey of EC members. 6.8 out of 7
5D.2. Corporate governance and legal 1. Update Strategic Risk Register quarterly. 4 out of 4
  2. Achieve full ISO9001 quality management system recertification. Completed
  3. Undertake quarterly BCP scenario testing. 4 out of 4
5D.3. Corporate social responsibility 1. Corporate social responsibility program developed and approved. In progress