Reporting network abuse

Use the APNIC Whois Database to obtain network contacts

You can use the APNIC Whois Database to obtain the registration details of the IP addresses APNIC has delegated. If the those IP addresses have been further assigned to other networks, you may also see the registration details of these assignments.

Contact the network The admin-ctech-c, and mnt-irt fields contain details for the objects associated with the contact details for the network administrators responsible.

You will find the person, role, and/or irt objects listed in the results generated.

Note: You can click on either the admin-c or tech-c links of your search result shown in your browser for the contact information.

Are there any exceptions? In many cases the APNIC Whois Database will refer you to a National Internet Registry (NIR). The NIRs perform a similar function to APNIC, but on a national level only. If the netname in the Whois record shows one of the following NIRs, you will need to access their databases to find out which ISP they allocated the address space to and contact the admin-c or tech-c of that ISP. Only contact the NIR itself if there are problems with the contacts registered in their database.

NIR Nation Whois Database
APJII Indonesia Refer to APNIC Whois Database
CNNIC China Refer to APNIC Whois Database
TWNIC Taiwan
VNNIC Viet Nam Refer to APNIC Whois Database
IRINN India Refer to

Report invalid contacts

APNIC requires that organizations register valid contact details in the whois database, but we are not automatically notified if those details later cease to be valid.

Use the Invalid contact report form to report invalid contact details in the APNIC Whois Database. APNIC will take appropriate steps to try and have the database objects updated.

For further help on how to complain to the spammer’s ISP, see: Where to report spam and other abuse.