CA Terms & Conditions

APNIC’s Certification Authority (CA) services are provided under the following terms and conditions:

  • The CA server system will be maintained in a secure environment and will, at no time, be connected to the APNIC internal network or to the Internet
  • APNIC will control intermediate systems used to generate private keys or transfer data to the best of its abilities and to the same standards as other secured systems operated by APNIC.
  • Procedures for generating signed keypairs will use appropriate proofs of identity such as passports or other official photographic identity documents (as described in the Certificate Request Form)
  • APNIC will take all reasonable care in all CA service processes to ensure keys are generated, distributed, and revoked securely and with the maximum possible trust.
  • APNIC will communicate to certificate holders, any proposed changes to the status of the CA service and any implied changes to the keypairs.
  • APNIC will accept no liability for loss or damage incurred in any way through the use of Digital Certificates issued by APNIC.
  • The recipient of any Digital Certificates issued by the APNIC CA service will indemnify APNIC against any and all claims by third parties for damages of any kind arising from the use of that certificate.