Early registration transfer project

When ARIN was formed in December 1997, it inherited the InterNIC database of existing IP addresses and AS Numbers, as well as the responsibility to maintain its records. These records became known as early registrations.

Discussions regarding early registrations took place among the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and throughout their communities. These RIRs included APNIC, ARIN, RIPE NCC, and LACNIC.

It was decided by the community the best way to serve the interests of the holders of these early registrations would be to transfer the management of the resources to the applicable RIR according to the region in which the resource holders resided.

ERX ranges

The ERX project was completed in February 2005. For a list of resources transferred to the APNIC Whois Database during the project, see:

Policy changes that affect former ERX ranges

Recovery of unused historical IP addresses

A significant amount of historical address space registered in the APNIC Whois Database is not announced to the global routing table. To recover these globally unrouted resources and place them back in the free pool for reallocation to other networks, APNIC contacted the networks responsible for historical address space in the APNIC region that had not been globally routed since 1 January 1998.

Transferring ERX resources to another network

Holders of historical ERX and AUNIC resources can transfer historical resource registrations to current APNIC account holders.

Making changes to historical resources records

To learn more on how to update and manage your historical resources, see the Updating historical registration guide.