IPv6 timeline

  • Other RIR IPv4 free pools predicted to be fully consumed
  • 3 February: IANA IPv4 free pool fully consumed
  • 15 April: APNIC reaches Final /8 of IPv4
  • APNIC holds "Plenary: IPv6 in 3D" at its Open Policy Meeting (APNIC27 in Manila)
  • APNIC highlights the importance of adopting IPv6 at APEC TEL 39 in Singapore
  • APNIC presents IPv6 Program at CommunicAsia 2009 in Singapore
  • APNIC coordinates round table discussions with the governments of Indonesian and Hong Kong as part of its outreach activities to multi-stakeholders
  • APNIC presents "Expanding the Internet: IPv4 to IPv6 Transition" at various Global IPv6 Summit conferences, NOGs and regional meetings in the AP region
  • APNIC develops a range of IPv6 publications to disseminate information to the wider AP community
  • APNIC Launches: APNIC IPv6 Program
  • APNIC holds IPv6 connectivity showcases at its Open Policy Meetings
  • APNIC joins the 6DEPLOY project, part of the European Unions
  • 7th Framework Programme, as a sponsoring partner
  • APNIC launches IPv6 modules on APNICs e-Learning platform
  • APNIC community resolves to actively promote adoption of IPv6 and focus efforts on comprehensive deployment of IPv6 in the Asia Pacific region

    Resolution from APNIC 24 (110.1 KB)

  • APNIC website available via IPv6
  • APNIC is a founder of the Number Resource Organization (NRO), to protect the unallocated Internet number resource pool
  • APNIC adds IPv6 to the apnic.net nameserver
  • APNIC begins project to establish root server mirrors in the Asia
  • Pacific (One root server in the Asia Pacific in 2002; 35 in 2008)
  • APNIC begins IPv6 training
  • Internet Architecture Board (IAB) calls on RIRs to prepare to make allocations of IPv6
  • APNIC community adopts its first IPv6 allocation and assignment policy
  • APNIC makes its first IPv6 allocation