Historical Resources in Whois

Historical resources are Internet number resource assignments and allocations that took place outside of the RIR process, before APNIC existed, or had management authority over the ranges in question. The majority of the historical resources fall into one of two types:

  1. Early Registration Transfer (ERX) resources, typically direct from IANA or pre-RIR address management agencies, such as ddn-nic or sri-nic. These were previously maintained directly with ARIN and its proceeding entities but were transferred into APNIC management when the appropriate regional responsibilities were recognized.
  2. AUNIC resources were allocated from the netblock 203/10 by AUNIC, which subsequently passed responsibility to APNIC when overall control of 203/8 was recognized as vesting with APNIC. The AUNIC whois data was converted to APNIC/RPSL and incorporated into the APNIC Whois Database.