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Public historical whois information

The APNIC whowas service provides visibility into prior states of APNIC resource registration records. It uses whois data back to 2008 to offer a search function for the previous registration data of IP addresses and AS numbers, and the history of domain and entity records (which cover person, role and IRT objects).

Whowas is implemented as an extension in the RDAP system and leverages the RDAP specifications and facilities. It is developed as a standalone service, which periodically reads data from a RIPE whois database and maintains an in-memory historical view. The source code for this service is open and available to use.

API service

Whowas is separated into a publicly accessible API service, running to a draft specification currently being developed and an experimental user interface (which you can preview).


This specification is likely to change in incompatible ways before finalization, so while the APNIC community is encouraged to explore and experiment with the API, appropriate caution should be taken before relying on the current state of the service for operational outcomes.


If you have any comments regarding the whowas service, the API specification, or the experimental user interface, please contact helpdesk@apnic.net. Error reports may be submitted directly as GitHub issues, or sent to the APNIC Helpdesk.


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