What’s inside

The APNIC Whois Database stores information as “objects“.

Objects in the context of “whois” means information relating to IP address ranges, routing policies, reverse DNS delegations, and network contact information.

Objects can store information about:

  • IP address ranges
  • Routing policies
  • Reverse DNS delegations
  • Network contact information


Sources of data in the APNIC Whois Database

The APNIC Whois Database contains information on the allocation of Internet resources in the Asia Pacific region. These resources are described in:

The APNIC Whois Database contains two types of data:

Authoritative data Authoritative data on IP address space or AS numbers is maintained by APNIC or its members. Authoritative data lists “APNIC” in the source field.
Non-authoritative data Non-authoritative data is data mirrored on the APNIC site. This means that some queries on the database will return objects that have a source other than APNIC, for example JPNIC. This indicates that the data originated outside APNIC. APNIC mirrors these other databases on a weekly basis. For the most current records held in these databases, please see the original authoritative Whois server. The other Whois databases related to IP numbers available in the Asia Pacific region are listed in World Whois databases.