Evolution of Internet governance

APNIC and NRO contributions to WGIG

The Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) was established by the Secretary-General of the United Nations during the first phase of the WSIS. The WGIG included seven representatives from the Asia Pacific Internet community. During this time, APNIC and the NRO made statements about Internet addressing, to explain these concepts and processes to other stakeholder groups. Here is a timeline of contributions made by APNIC and the NRO:

These efforts resulted in the acceptance by all stakeholders that enhanced cooperation, or a process of all stakeholders working together to achieve Internet goals, was the most effective way to address Internet related issues on the global stage.

General Internet governance reference

Here are documents, statements, and other contributions from over the years made by APNIC and the NRO, and other individuals.

Books of IGF proceedings

Alternative resource distribution models

Myths about IP address shortages and unequal distribution

Statements made by participants and observers of the Internet governance process

Background on the history of Internet coordination and governance

  • ICANN, the ITU and WSIS and Internet governance: Part 1 (October 2004) | Part 2 (November 2004) Geoff Huston