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APNIC at the InTAC Conference in conjunction with NetHui 2012

2014-08-01APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: JANOG 34
2014-07-30APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: ITU ACMA International Training Program 2014
2014-07-29APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: IETF 90
2014-07-24APNIC NewsISIF Asia Awards 2014 Winners Announced
2014-07-21APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: PacNOG 15
2014-07-21APNIC NewsAPNIC Training collaborates with ITU ASP CoE on IPv6 Workshop
2014-07-18APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: NetHui 2014
2014-07-18APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: 26th Annual FIRST Conference and Annual General Meeting
2014-07-10APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: IDNOG 1 and SGNOG 3
2014-07-09APNIC NewsOnly two more days to go before APNIC Survey 2014 ends!
2014-07-08APNIC NewsDiscussing the next 25 years of the Internet at NetHui 2014
2014-07-07APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: Cambodia Banking and Finance Conference 2014
2014-07-03APNIC News Just over one week to be heard – APNIC Survey 2014
2014-07-03APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: ICANN 50
2014-06-30APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: CommunicAsia 2014
2014-06-26APNIC NewsAPNIC participates at 3rd APT Preparatory Group Meeting
2014-06-24APNIC NewsIANA Oversight Transition Coordination Group: Hartmut Glaser Selected as ASO Representative
2014-06-19APNIC NewsAPNIC at IDNOG and SGNOG
2014-06-19APNIC NewsIANA Oversight Transition Coordination Group: NRO Representatives
2014-06-18APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: WSIS+10
2014-06-17APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: AFRINIC 20 and AIS 2014
2014-06-16APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: TWNIC OPM
2014-06-16APNIC NewsNominations open for NRO NC election at APNIC 38
2014-06-13APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: NANOG 61
2014-06-12APNIC NewsCoordination group to develop process for NTIA stewardship transition
2014-06-12APNIC NewsLACNIC enters IPv4 exhaustion phase
2014-06-11APNIC NewsAPNIC Survey 2014 – Your Views Matter
2014-06-11APNIC NewsMeet with us at CommunicAsia 2014
2014-06-05APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: 5th APT Cybersecurity Forum
2014-06-03APNIC NewsFocus Group Report 2014
2014-05-30APNIC NewsEvent wrap: IGF MAG meeting
2014-05-29APNIC NewsEvent Wrap: ARM3 and bdNOG1
2014-05-28APNIC NewsAdditional IPv4 space now available from APNIC
2014-05-27APNIC NewsImplementation of prop-105
2014-05-23APNIC NewsAPNIC receives total of a /11 from IANA
2014-05-22NRO NewsIANA Allocates Recovered IPv4 Addresses to RIRs
2014-05-21NRO NewsLACNIC’s IPv4 Address Pool Now Down to a /9
2014-05-21APNIC NewsAPNIC receives additional IPv4 allocation from IANA
2014-05-21APNIC NewsEvent wrap: RIPE 68
2014-05-19APNIC NewsAPNIC 38 Fellowships now open
2014-05-13NRO NewsI* Post-NETmundial Meeting Statement
2014-05-13APNIC NewsAPNIC at APEC TEL49
2014-05-13APNIC NewsEvent wrap: LACNIC 21
2014-05-08NRO NewsNRO Response to ICANN Consultation on the Transition of NTIA’s Stewardship of the IANA Functions
2014-05-07APNIC NewsImplementation of prop-109
2014-05-06APNIC NewsJoin us at ARM 3 and bdNOG
2014-05-01APNIC NewsEvent wrap: NETmundial
2014-04-24APNIC NewsShift to IPv6 to accelerate as global IPv4 exhaustion nears
2014-04-21APNIC NewsEvent wrap: ARIN 33
2014-04-17APNIC NewsEvent wrap: WTDC 2014
2014-04-16APNIC NewsTransfer of AS Numbers now possible with new APNIC policy
2014-04-15APNIC NewsAPNIC at the Global IPv6 Summit 2014
2014-04-04APNIC NewsICANN 49 event wrapup
2014-04-02APNIC NewsOECD publishes new paper by Geoff Huston
2014-04-02APNIC NewsSecond APNIC Regional Meeting in the Philippines
2014-04-02APNIC NewsUpdates to the APNIC Privacy Statement
2014-03-28APNIC NewsIANA discussion update from ICANN 49
2014-03-24APNIC NewsAPNIC at ICANN 49
2014-03-21APNIC NewsIANA Globalization Consultation Process
2014-03-17NRO NewsInternet Technical Leaders Welcome IANA Globalization Progress
2014-03-15APNIC NewsInternet Technical Leaders Welcome IANA Globalization Progress
2014-03-11NRO NewsNRO Contributes to NETmundial
2014-02-28APNIC NewsAPNIC 38 to be held in Brisbane, Australia
2014-02-18APNIC NewsAPNIC supports the creation of BTNOG
2014-02-14APNIC NewsStatement from the I* Leaders Coordination Meeting, Santa Monica, 14 February 2014
2014-02-14APNIC NewsNotice of 2014 APNIC Member Meeting (AMM) at APNIC 37
2014-01-28APNIC NewsAPNIC Executive Council unanimously supports Montevideo Statement
2014-01-24NRO News2-byte Autonomous System (AS) Number Pool Nearing Depletion
2014-01-23APNIC NewsAPRICOT 2014 is moving to Malaysia
2014-01-21APNIC NewsUpdate on APRICOT 2014
2014-01-13APNIC NewsAPNIC at SANOG 23
2014-01-10APNIC NewsEditorial review of draft documents
2014-01-06APNIC NewsCall for nominations to the APNIC Executive Council now open
2014-01-06APNIC NewsHartmut Glaser Reappointed to NRO Number Council
2013-12-26APNIC NewsAFRINIC Confirms 2 Positions in the NRO NC / ASO AC
2013-12-19APNIC News2014 ISIF Asia grants recipients announced today
2013-12-19APNIC NewsNew MyAPNIC features
2013-12-19NRO NewsAPNIC EC appoints Aftab Siddiqui to NRO NC / ASO AC
2013-12-11APNIC NewsAftab Siddiqui appointed to NRO NC
2013-12-09APNIC NewsAPNIC at PacNOG 14
2013-11-29APNIC NewsNovember Apster Bulletin
2013-11-27APNIC NewsDraft Document for Comment
2013-11-19APNIC NewsAPNIC and the ITU support IP-based infrastructure development in the AP
2013-11-19NRO NewsCelebrating 10 years of the NRO
2013-11-18APNIC NewsAPNIC Regional Meeting at MYNOG 3
2013-11-04APNIC NewsIGF 2013 in Bali a success
2013-10-29NRO News2013 Internet Governance Forum Closing Remarks
2013-10-25NRO NewsARIN elects Jason Schiller to NRO NC / ASO AC
2013-10-24APNIC NewsAPNIC@HostingCon2013
2013-10-23NRO NewsRIPE community elects Filiz Yilmaz to NRO NC / ASO AC
2013-10-21APNIC NewsAPNIC invites you to the 8th IGF in Bali, Indonesia
2013-10-18NRO NewsNRO preparing for IGF 2013 in Bali, Indonesia
2013-10-11NRO NewsInternet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia
2013-10-10APNIC NewsAPRICOT 2014 Fellowships now open
2013-10-09APNIC NewsbdNOG launched in Bangladesh
2013-10-08NRO NewsMontevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation
2013-10-08APNIC NewsMontevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation
2013-10-04APNIC NewsAPNIC supports Internet development in Myanmar
2013-10-03APNIC NewsAPNIC gives IPv6 update at APEC TEL 48
2013-10-02APNIC NewsAPNIC at Sri Lanka Cyber Security Week
2013-09-16APNIC NewsIPv6 for mobile operators at LTE Asia 2013
2013-09-12NRO NewsAPNIC Community Re-elects Representative to the NRO NC / ASO AC
2013-09-11APNIC NewsReminder to be careful about sharing registration information
2013-09-09APNIC NewsAPNIC becomes Affiliate Member of APT
2013-08-30APNIC NewsProgram for APrIGF feeds into global IGF in Bali
2013-08-30APNIC NewsTomohiro Fujisaki re-elected to NRO NC
2013-08-26APNIC NewsHear about the latest in robust networking trends at APNIC 36
2013-08-13APNIC NewsAPNIC achieves ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification
2013-08-09APNIC NewsOnline voting for NRO NC election opens 12 August
2013-08-06APNIC NewsAPNIC at 6th APT Policy and Regulation Forum
2013-08-05APNIC NewsAPNIC invites you to SANOG 22
2013-08-05NRO NewsJoint RIR response to ITU CWG Consultation on IPv4 addresses
2013-07-29APNIC NewsAPNIC on the Bali IGF
2013-07-22APNIC NewsNew updates to whois includes more detail for users
2013-07-13NRO NewsCommunity input requested on ICANN’s five-year strategic plan
2013-07-09APNIC NewsCongratulations to the 2013 ISIF Asia Award winners!
2013-07-08APNIC NewsAPNIC supports multistakeholder discussion at NetHui 2013
2013-07-08NRO NewsNew global extended statistics report
2013-07-01NRO NewsGlobal IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey now open
2013-06-24NRO NewsASO AC re-elects Kuo Wei Wu to ICANN Board
2013-06-20APNIC zone secured with DNSSEC
2013-06-17APNIC NewsAPNIC at CommunicAsia 2013
2013-06-11NRO NewsMessage from the NRO regarding the first anniverary of the World IPv6 Launch
2013-06-11APNIC NewsISIF Asia grant applications open
2013-05-28APNIC NewsNRO calls for greater investment in IPv6 deployment
2013-05-27APNIC NewsNRO NC nominations open
2013-05-22APNIC NewsAPNIC 36 Fellowships open now
2013-05-15APNIC NewsISIF Asia Award applications extended
2013-05-13APNIC NewsAPNIC LEA workshop in New Zealand
2013-05-09NRO NewsLacnic community elects Jorge Villa to NRO NC / ASO AC
2013-05-06APNIC NewsAPNIC supports IPv6 deployment in Viet Nam
2013-04-30APNIC NewsNRO EC appoints permanent Executive Secretary
2013-04-26APNIC NewsAPNIC contributes to WTPF
2013-04-24APNIC NewsAPNIC at APEC TEL 47
2013-04-22APNIC NewsAPNIC at Pacific Forum 2013 in Apia, Samoa
2013-04-19NRO NewsRIRs’ input to the WTPF-13
2013-04-11APNIC NewsAPNIC at the Global IPv6 Summit, Beijing
2013-04-08APNIC NewsAPNIC at ICANN 46, Beijing
2013-04-02APNIC NewsAPNIC joins APCERT 10th anniversary celebrations in Brisbane
2013-03-22APNIC NewsAPNIC’s new Vision and Mission for the future
2013-03-01APNIC NewsAPNIC History draft available for comment
2013-03-01APNIC NewsIP Resource Application Fee reduction
2013-02-25APNIC NewsDiscussion of key operational issues at APNIC 35/APRICOT 2013
2013-02-25APNIC NewsJoin us at APNIC 35
2013-02-19NRO NewsNRO pledges continued support for IGF
2013-02-19NRO NewsNRO and ICANN comment on WTPF Report
2013-02-18APNIC NewsChanges to IPv6 and Transfer Policies
2013-02-18APNIC NewsAPNIC releases major upgrade to RPKI
2013-02-13APNIC NewsEC election proxy appointment and online voting open
2013-01-31APNIC NewsAPNIC Training has a new home!
2013-01-23APNIC NewsHappy 10th anniversary to SANOG
2013-01-23APNIC NewsDraft documents for review
2013-01-18APNIC NewsDrafts Documents for Comment
2013-01-18APNIC NewsAPNIC supports NZNOG 2013
2013-01-14APNIC NewsInnovative ICT projects addressing openness, inclusion, human rights, and access get ISIF Asia funding for 2013
2013-01-04APNIC NewsCall for nominations to the APNIC Executive Council now open
2012-12-27APNIC NewsAndy Linton reappointed to the ASO Address Council
2012-12-27NRO NewsAndy Linton reappointed to ASO AC
2012-12-21APNIC News2012 Year in Review
2012-12-17NRO NewsNRO observations on WCIT-12 process
2012-11-26APNIC NewsDraft document for review
2012-11-20APNIC News2012 Web Usability Survey
2012-11-14NRO News“Stop the Net Grab”: NRO shares concerns about the WCIT process
2012-11-13APNIC NewsSeventh Annual IGF a success
2012-11-12APNIC NewsAPNIC signs MoU with RIPE NCC
2012-11-08NRO NewsNRO Contribution to the WCIT Public Consultation Process
2012-11-07APNIC NewsAFRINIC, APNIC, and LACNIC secure AUD 1.5M Sida grant to promote Internet innovation
2012-11-07APNIC NewsYour help in the APNIC History Project
2012-11-06NRO NewsConfirmed Candidates for ICANN Board Seat 10 Election
2012-11-05APNIC News2012 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Baku
2012-10-30NRO NewsARIN Elects Louis Lee to NRO NC / ASO AC
2012-10-23APNIC NewsAPNIC to Upgrade to Split Trust Anchor RPKI
2012-10-16APNIC NewsAPNIC supports the first Australian IGF
2012-10-09APNIC NewsAPNIC Processes First Inter-RIR IPv4 Transfer from ARIN
2012-10-05NRO NewsICANN GPP-IPv4-2011 Implementation Comment Period
2012-10-03APNIC NewsNRO, ISOC, ICANN send letter in response to ITU Secretary General report
2012-10-03NRO NewsRIPE elects Dmitry Kohmanyuk to NRO NC
2012-09-28APNIC NewsDraft documents for review
2012-09-27NRO NewsGlobal IPv6 Survey results
2012-09-27APNIC NewsAPNIC Announces New Member Form
2012-09-24APNIC NewsAPNIC Survey 2012 Report Available
2012-09-19NRO NewsREMINDER: ASO AC Call for Nominations for Seat 10 on the ICANN Board
2012-09-19NRO NewsRIPE NCC Begins to Allocate IPv4 Address Space From the Last /8
2012-09-17APNIC NewsRIPE NCC Allocating from Last /8 Block
2012-09-04NRO NewsNaresh Ajwani re-elected to NRO NC
2012-08-23APNIC NewsAPNIC returns IPv4 legacy addresses to IANA
2012-08-21NRO NewsASO AC Call for Nominations for Seat 10 on the ICANN Board
2012-08-20APNIC NewsDrafts Documents for Comment
2012-08-20APNIC NewsImplementation of prop-102
2012-08-13APNIC NewsOnline voting for NRO NC election opens today
2012-08-09APNIC NewsAPEC TEL Ministers encourage transition to IPv6
2012-08-06APNIC NewsAPNIC welcomes new IPv4 address space availability
2012-07-26APNIC NewsAPNIC supports the regional IGF in Tokyo
2012-07-25APNIC NewsAPNIC supports AP IPv6 workshops
2012-07-20APNIC News2012 Global IPv6 Survey closed
2012-07-19APNIC NewsDrafts for Editorial Comment
2012-07-16APNIC NewsAPNIC supports the Asia Pacific Regional IGF
2012-07-10APNIC NewsAPNIC supports SANOG 20
2012-07-04APNIC NewsAPNIC at the InTAC Conference in conjunction with NetHui 2012
2012-06-27APNIC NewsGlobal IPv6 Survey extended
2012-06-19APNIC NewsAPNIC participating at Mobile Asia 2012
2012-06-07APNIC NewsAPNIC Survey 2012 ends Friday
2012-06-06APNIC NewsAPNIC participating in World IPv6 Launch
2012-06-06NRO NewsInternet Society, Number Resource Organization, and Regional Internet Registries Reinforce Importance of IPv6 Deployment for the Future of the Internet
2012-06-05NRO NewsASO AC Re-elects Raymond Plzak to ICANN Board
2012-06-05APNIC NewsIPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey 2012
2012-06-05NRO News2012 Global IPv6 Deployment Survey Now Open
2012-06-04APNIC NewsAPNIC participating at CommunicAsia 2012
2012-05-30APNIC NewsAPNIC Survey 2012 extended
2012-05-28APNIC NewsNominations now open for Number Resource Organization Number Council
2012-05-17APNIC NewsICANN announces ratification of GPP-IPv4-2011
2012-05-17NRO NewsICANN ratifies global policy
2012-05-15APNIC NewsISIF now accepting applications
2012-05-14NRO NewsLACNIC elects new representative to NRO NC
2012-05-11APNIC NewsThe Future of WHOIS
2012-05-07APNIC NewsAPNIC Member and Stakeholder Survey
2012-05-03NRO NewsJoint NRO / ASO AC Response to ASO Review Report
2012-04-27APNIC NewsGeoff Huston inducted to Internet Hall of Fame
2012-04-26APNIC News2012 IGF MAG announced
2012-04-17APNIC NewsAPNIC participates at APEC TEL45
2012-03-27NRO NewsNRO welcomes public comments on the ASO AC report
2012-03-13NRO NewsASO Review Report published
2012-03-02APNIC NewsNIXI to run new NIR in India
2012-02-27APNIC NewsJoin us at APNIC 33!
2012-02-15APNIC NewsOnline voting and proxy appointment for APNIC EC election open now
2012-02-14NRO NewsCall for ASO AC Nominations for LACNIC region
2012-02-09APNIC NewsUpdated Corporate Documents
2012-02-03NRO NewsComment period for ICANN Board seat 9 election
2012-01-23APNIC NewsAPNIC supports NZNOG 2012
2012-01-16APNIC NewsApster Bulletin Issue 11
2012-01-09APNIC NewsAPNIC 33 Conference News
2012-01-06APNIC NewsAPNIC EC Nominations open
2012-01-04APNIC NewsEC Response to WG Reports
2011-12-30APNIC News2011 in Review
2011-12-20APNIC NewsEditorial comments on draft documents
2011-12-20APNIC NewsAlan P. Barret’s term on the NRO-NC has been extended
2011-12-20NRO NewsAlan P. Barret’s term on the NRO-NC has been extended
2011-12-16APNIC NewsAndy Linton appointed to ASO AC
2011-12-16APNIC NewsApster Bulletin Issue 10
2011-12-15NRO NewsAndy Linton Appointed to the NRO NC and ASO AC
2011-12-09NRO NewsReminder: ASO AC Call for Nominations for Seat 9 on the ICANN Board
2011-12-01APNIC NewsAPNIC and JPRS collaborate to translate “DNSSEC Technology Experiment Report”
2011-12-01NRO NewsAfriNIC Elects Douglas Onyango to NRO NC
2011-12-01NRO NewsNRO/ASO Maintenance Work Scheduled for Saturday, 3 December
2011-11-21APNIC NewsChanges to IPv4 transfer policy
2011-11-15APNIC NewsAPNIC supports Internet events in Taiwan
2011-11-14NRO NewsWilfried Woeber Appointed to the NRO NC
2011-11-07APNIC NewsAPNIC EC Endorses Policy Decisions from APNIC 32
2011-11-03APNIC NewsApster Bulletin Issue 9
2011-11-02NRO NewsASO AC Call for Nominations for Seat 9 on the ICANN Board
2011-10-20NRO NewsIPv6 Survey results predict adoption to increase in 2012
2011-10-04NRO NewsARIN Board Appoints Ron da Silva to NRO NC
2011-09-28APNIC NewsApster Bulletin September
2011-09-27APNIC NewsCeremony to recognize ICT innovation
2011-09-27NRO NewsNRO to Lead Key Internet Infrastructure Discussions at 2011 IGF
2011-09-26APNIC NewsASO Organizational Review
2011-09-22APNIC News2011 IGF in Nairobi
2011-09-20NRO NewsCall for Survey Participation: Review of ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO)
2011-09-20NRO NewsICANN Survey Extended to 30 November
2011-09-15NRO NewsInternet Governance Forum 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya
2011-09-12NRO NewsTomohiro Fujisaki Elected to NRO NC
2011-09-06APNIC NewsTomohiro Fujisaki elected to NRO NC
2011-09-01APNIC NewsISIF Award 2011 Winners Announced
2011-08-29NRO NewsNRO Communication to ICANN on RPKI Global Trust Anchor
2011-08-29APNIC NewsApster 32
2011-08-18APNIC NewsNRO NC online voting opens today
2011-08-11APNIC NewsICANN 2011 Nominating Committee Announces Selections
2011-08-11APNIC NewsOffice closed 17 August 2011
2011-08-09APNIC NewsNew APNIC policies now active
2011-08-01NRO NewsNRO Response to NTIA Request for Further Comments on IANA Functions
2011-07-18NRO NewsITAC endorses OECD Communique on Internet Policy-Making
2011-07-08APNIC NewsFinal editorial comments on draft documents
2011-07-07NRO NewsNRO participated at OECD High Level Meeting, 27-28 June
2011-07-07APNIC NewsGlobal IPv6 Survey
2011-07-05APNIC NewsISIF Award 2011
2011-06-27APNIC NewsApster Bulletin June 2011
2011-06-24NRO NewsASO AC Workshop held at ICANN 41
2011-06-21APNIC NewsMember and Stakeholder Survey
2011-06-20APNIC NewsAt least 25% of the world’s host computers ready to run native IPv6
2011-06-20APNIC NewsWeb usability survey
2011-06-17APNIC NewsAPNIC’s new look
2011-06-15APNIC NewsSingapore events 2011
2011-06-09NRO NewsLACNIC Elects New Representative to the NRO NC
2011-06-08APNIC NewsWorld IPv6 Day
2011-06-07APNIC NewsHost an APNIC Conference!
2011-06-06APNIC NewsAPNIC 32: Call for Papers
2011-05-27APNIC NewsAPNIC 32 Fellowship now open
2011-05-26APNIC NewsAPNIC at CommunicAsia 2011
2011-05-25APNIC NewsNominations now open for NRO Number Council
2011-05-24APNIC NewsApster Bulletin May edition
2011-05-24NRO NewsG8 Governments urged to embrace multistakeholder approach to Internet issues
2011-05-20APNIC NewsAPNIC IPv6 Tracker
2011-05-09APNIC NewsFinal editorial comments on draft documents
2011-05-09APNIC NewsAPNIC EC endorses policy decisions from APNIC 31
2011-05-04APNIC NewsAPNIC submits DNSSEC DS records to IANA
2011-04-19APNIC NewsAPNIC signs MoU with SPC
2011-04-18APNIC NewsApster Bulletin Issue 4
2011-04-18APNIC NewsNew I-Root: Bhutan
2011-04-15APNIC NewsAPNIC IPv4 Address Pool Reaches Final /8
2011-04-15NRO NewsAPNIC Announces its IPv4 Address Pool Reaches Final /8
2011-04-14APNIC NewsAPNIC supports inaugural Pacific IGF
2011-04-13APNIC NewsAPNIC’s Internet Governance Specialist signs Internet technical community statement on CSTD Working Group
2011-04-04APNIC NewsMember and Stakeholder Survey 2011 – Final Comment Period
2011-04-01NRO NewsNRO Response to NTIA Request for Comments on IANA Functions
2011-04-01APNIC NewsIPv4 Exhaustion Information
2011-03-28APNIC NewsAPNIC 32 dates announced
2011-03-24APNIC NewsApster Bulletin Issue 3
2011-03-21NRO NewsAPNIC Appoints Andy Linton to the ASO AC
2011-03-18APNIC NewsAPNIC Appoints Andy Linton to the ASO AC
2011-03-17NRO NewsNRO letter to ICANN: the future of the IANA contract
2011-03-16NRO NewsNRO Comments on ITU IPv6 Group Liaison Statements
2011-03-15APNIC NewsSupport Japan Earthquake Appeals
2011-03-10APNIC NewsAPNIC 31 Meeting Report
2011-03-02APNIC NewsKenny Huang resigns from ASO AC
2011-03-02NRO NewsKenny Huang resigns from ASO AC
2011-03-02NRO NewsNRO submits response to ITU IPv6 Group on CIR model
2011-03-02NRO NewsNRO letter to ICANN Re: Discuss move to a Single Trust Anchor
2011-03-01NRO NewsNew NRO video on Resource Certification
2011-02-18APNIC NewsAPNIC 31: Participate remotely!
2011-02-17APNIC NewsIN-ADDR.ARPA zone transfer complete
2011-02-14APNIC NewsStage 2 of IPv4 Exhaustion plan
2011-02-11APNIC NewsOnline and proxy appointment for APNIC EC election opens today
2011-02-08NRO NewsNRO contribution to the IGF February Open Consultation
2011-02-07APNIC NewsICANN webcast from Miami
2011-02-04APNIC NewsFree Pool of IPv4 Address Space Depleted
2011-02-04APNIC NewsFinal /8 allocated to APNIC from IANA
2011-02-03NRO NewsFree Pool of IPv4 Address Space Depleted
2011-02-02APNIC NewsApster Bulletin launches today!
2011-02-02NRO NewsSignificant announcement 3 February – watch it live!
2011-02-01APNIC NewsLeading Global Internet Groups make Significant Announcement about the Status of the IPv4 Address Pool
2011-02-01APNIC NewsTwo /8s allocated to APNIC from IANA
2011-01-12APNIC NewsAPNIC invites you to SANOG 17
2011-01-11APNIC NewsThe clock is ticking on IPv4!
2011-01-04APNIC NewsAPNIC EC nominations now open
2011-01-04NRO NewsTomohiro Fujisaki appointed to ASO AC
2011-01-04APNIC NewsTomohiro Fujisaki appointed to ASO AC
2010-12-22APNIC News2011 Survey prize winners announced
2010-12-21APNIC News2010 in review
2010-12-20APNIC NewsWe’ve moved!
2010-12-20NRO NewsRequest for proposals: Consulting services to undertake ASO review
2010-12-16NRO NewsAlan P. Barrett as AfriNIC’s region representative to the NRO Number Council
2010-12-14APNIC NewsAPNIC EC statement on IPv4 projections
2010-12-14NRO NewsJohn Curran speaks to the UN on behalf of NRO
2010-12-03NRO NewsRon da Silva appointed to Address Supporting Organization Advisory Council
2010-12-03NRO NewsNRO at ICANN 39: Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
2010-12-02NRO NewsUpdate on global deployment of resource certification
2010-12-01APNIC NewsFour /8 blocks allocated to RIRs
2010-11-30NRO NewsAfriNIC elects a new representative to the NRO NC
2010-11-22NRO NewsNRO Response to IGF questionnaire
2010-11-19APNIC NewsAPNIC office relocation
2010-11-17NRO NewsHans Petter Holen elected to NRO NC
2010-11-17APNIC NewsMember and Stakeholder Survey 2011 – Last chance
2010-11-16APNIC NewsAPNIC supported IETF meeting in Beijing
2010-11-15NRO NewsNew representative of the LACNIC region to the NRO Number Council
2010-11-08APNIC NewsAPNIC updated policy documents
2010-11-03APNIC NewsMember and Stakeholder Survey 2011
2010-11-03APNIC NewsIPv6 activity increases as IPv4 exhaustion reaches critical milestone
2010-10-22NRO NewsITU Plenipotentiary October 2010 Guadalajara, Mexico
2010-10-20APNIC NewsITU Plenipotentiary October 2010 Guadalajara, Mexico
2010-10-18NRO NewsRemaining IPv4 Address Space Drops Below 5%
2010-10-14APNIC NewsInauguration of Viet Nam Internet Association
2010-10-13APNIC NewsFuture of the Internet in Mongolia
2010-10-07APNIC NewsChange to minimum portable prefix size on APNIC IPv4 address blocks
2010-10-07NRO NewsJason Schiller re-elected to the NRO Number Council
2010-10-06APNIC NewsNew APNIC Non-Member Fee Schedule from 2011
2010-10-04APNIC NewsAPNIC 31 and APRICOT-APAN 2011 confirms Keynote Speaker Vint G. Cerf
2010-10-04APNIC NewsFinal editorial comments on draft documents
2010-10-01APNIC NewsImplementation: Abuse contact information
2010-09-30NRO NewsICANN ratifies Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers
2010-09-29APNIC NewsAPNIC to attend the APT Meeting in Bangkok
2010-09-27APNIC NewsAPNIC enters MoU with ISOC-Kolkata
2010-09-15APNIC NewsGlobal IPv6 Survey Summary
2010-09-15NRO NewsNRO urges organizations not to delay IPv6 deployment
2010-09-14NRO NewsIPv6 Around the World: Surveying the Current and Future Deployment of IPv6
2010-09-13APNIC NewsAPNIC to attend IGF 2010
2010-09-13APNIC NewsAPNIC at AUSNOG 4
2010-09-09NRO NewsContinuing Cooperation – The NRO and Internet Governance
2010-09-09NRO NewsNRO at fifth IGF in Vilnius
2010-08-31NRO NewsNaresh Ajwani Elected to NRO NC
2010-08-30APNIC NewsAPNIC 30 Meeting Report
2010-08-19APNIC NewsDiscussion document: IPv4 final stages
2010-08-19NRO NewsNRO NC Call for Nominations – RIPE NCC Service Region
2010-08-18APNIC NewsSupport the Pakistan flood relief
2010-08-17APNIC NewsAPNIC 30 is fast approaching!
2010-08-16APNIC NewsAPNIC 30 Pacific Mates Rates
2010-08-10APNIC NewsElection Review Panel Report
2010-08-02APNIC NewsAPNIC attends APEC TEL 42
2010-07-31NRO NewsCall for Nominations: NRO NC ARIN region
2010-07-19APNIC NewsNRO NC nominations close 26 July
2010-07-19APNIC News2009 APNIC Annual Report translations now available
2010-07-07APNIC NewsAPNIC supports SANOG 16
2010-07-05APNIC NewsNew APNIC policies now active
2010-07-01NRO NewsGlobal IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey
2010-06-18NRO NewsNRO Response to ICANN regarding Secure Routing & RPKI
2010-06-18NRO NewsIANA Function: NRO Letter of Support for ICANN
2010-06-15APNIC NewsAPNIC at CommunicAsia
2010-06-14APNIC NewsAPNIC at inaugural Asia Pacific regional Internet Governance Forum
2010-06-11APNIC NewsAPNIC serves as the new APIPv6TF Secretariat
2010-06-11APNIC NewsThird phase of DNSSEC underway
2010-06-11APNIC NewsAPNIC EC Election Review Panel
2010-06-08APNIC NewsAPNIC 30 Gold Coast – Call for Papers
2010-06-07NRO NewsNRO NC Call for Nominations
2010-06-04APNIC NewsFellowships close Monday, 7 June
2010-06-01APNIC NewsIPv6 Deployment Survey 2010
2010-05-26APNIC NewsAPNIC 30 website relaunch
2010-05-24APNIC NewsNominations now open for NRO Number Council
2010-05-24APNIC NewsFinal editorial comments on draft documents
2010-05-19APNIC NewsAPNIC 30 venue change
2010-05-18APNIC NewsResource quality good for most of IPv4 Network “1”
2010-05-04APNIC NewsAPNIC at APEC TEL 41
2010-04-30APNIC NewsAPNIC EC farewells Kuo-Wei Wu
2010-04-23NRO NewsNumber Resource Organization Report Highlights Strong Growth in Both IPv4 and IPv6 Allocations
2010-04-21APNIC NewsAPNIC at PITA 14th AGM
2010-04-13NRO NewsNRO and OECD Highlight that IPv6 Deployment is Too Slow
2010-04-12APNIC NewsDNSSEC signatures in reverse DNS zones now enabled
2010-04-08APNIC NewsDERM recognizes APNIC as an official ecoBiz Partner
2010-03-30APNIC News2009 Annual Report is now available
2010-03-26NRO NewsKuo-Wei Wu Elected to Seat 10 on the ICANN Board
2010-03-10APNIC NewsAPNIC 29 Meeting Report
2010-02-25APNIC NewsAPNIC Community Consultation
2010-02-23NRO NewsAfriNIC Transition Moves to Phase 2
2010-02-23NRO NewsAfriNIC Transition Moves to Phase 2
2010-02-19APNIC NewsOnline and proxy voting opens for EC Elections
2010-02-19APNIC NewsHave your say on the APNIC Meeting Program and win!
2010-02-18APNIC NewsSuccessful ISIF year
2010-02-17APNIC NewsNew changes to MyAPNIC
2010-02-10APNIC NewsNew APNIC policies now active
2010-02-07NRO NewsAPNIC Announces NRO NC Appointment
2010-01-27APNIC NewsIPv6 indicator to business leaders
2010-01-21APNIC NewsGlobal recovery to pressure IP address pool
2010-01-20APNIC NewsIANA IPv4 pool less than 10%
2010-01-20APNIC NewsAPNIC supports JANOG 25
2010-01-20NRO NewsLess than 10% of IPv4 Addresses Remain Unallocated, says NRO
2010-01-11APNIC NewsEC Nominations now open
2009-12-30APNIC News2009 year in review
2009-12-18APNIC NewsChange to AS number policy
2009-12-15APNIC NewsLooking for a change?
2009-12-14NRO NewsAlan P. Barrett Selected as AfriNIC Representative on NRO NC
2009-12-11APNIC NewsAPNIC participates in Indian IPv6 Summit
2009-11-25APNIC NewsRegister online for APNIC 29
2009-11-24APNIC NewsAPNIC participates at IPv6WorldAsia and Internet Week 2009
2009-11-18NRO NewsNRO Statement about IGF Continuation, updated with video presentation
2009-11-17NRO NewsNRO Emphasises Importance of Internet Resource Management in Developing Regions
2009-11-13APNIC NewsAPNIC to participate at IGF 2009 in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
2009-11-04NRO NewsIPv6 – What is it, why is it important, and who is in charge?
2009-11-01NRO NewsInternet Governance Forum in Sharm El Sheik, 2009
2009-10-29NRO NewsLouie Lee Elected to NRO NC
2009-10-26NRO NewsContinuing Cooperation – The NRO and Internet Governance
2009-10-12APNIC NewsAPNIC EC Call for Comments
2009-10-09NRO NewsDave Wilson Elected to RIPE Seat on NRO NC
2009-10-08APNIC NewsInternet Pavilion to host key Internet discussions during the ITU Telecom World conference
2009-10-01NRO NewsInternet Pavilion to Host Key Internet Discussions during the ITU Telecom World Conference
2009-09-23APNIC NewsAPNIC at APEC TEL 40
2009-09-18APNIC NewsAPRICOT 2010 Fellowships now open
2009-09-18APNIC NewsIPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey
2009-09-15APNIC NewsAPNIC participates in INET Delhi 2009
2009-09-10APNIC NewsAPNIC participates at the 7th annual CTO Forum in Fiji
2009-09-10NRO NewsAPNIC Announces NRO NC Appointment
2009-09-02APNIC NewsA successful APNIC meeting
2009-08-25APNIC NewsAPNIC 28 is now here – Join us onsite or online
2009-08-21APNIC NewsFirst APNIC Meeting in Mainland China
2009-08-19APNIC NewsUpdated Fee Calculator
2009-08-12APNIC NewsOnline voting for NRO NC election open now
2009-08-06APNIC NewsHave your say on policy proposals
2009-07-28NRO NewsNRO NC Call for Nominations – ARIN Region
2009-07-27NRO NewsNRO Declaration on RPKI
2009-07-22NRO NewsNRO NC Call for Nominations – RIPE NCC Service Region
2009-07-13APNIC NewsAPNIC at SANOG 14
2009-07-02APNIC NewsGlobal IPv6 Summit in Korea 2009
2009-07-01APNIC NewsNext phase of transition to four-byte AS numbers now active
2009-06-23APNIC NewsAPNIC signs MoU with Taiwan Network Information Center
2009-06-17NRO NewsThe NRO’s Contribution to the OECD’s Working Party on Communication and Infrastructure and Services Policy’s (CISP) Session on IPv6 Deployment
2009-06-15APNIC NewsNew APNIC Member Fee Schedule from 2010
2009-06-15APNIC NewsVisit APNIC at CommunicAsia
2009-06-05NRO NewsThe NRO’s Comments Submitted to the United States Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) Notice of Inquiry (NOI)
2009-06-04APNIC NewsAPNIC 28 registration opens
2009-06-01APNIC NewsNext phase of four-byte AS number policy begins 1 July 2009
2009-05-21NRO NewsNRO Responds to TSB Questionnaire
2009-05-21APNIC NewsISIF grant program invites applicants
2009-05-19NRO NewsNRO Response to the National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence (NAv6) Survey
2009-05-13NRO NewsNRO and ICANN Reaffirm Commitment to Relationship
2009-05-06APNIC NewsAPNIC is working for you in 2009
2009-05-01APNIC NewsAPNIC signs MoU with Beijing Internet Institute
2009-04-30APNIC NewsAPNIC 28 in Beijing, China
2009-04-28NRO NewsASO AC selects Ray Plzak to serve on Seat 9 of ICANN Board of Directors
2009-04-27APNIC NewsThe APNIC 28 fellowship program
2009-04-27APNIC NewsAPNIC joins Pacific Leaders in Fiji for PITA 13th AGM
2009-04-24APNIC NewsAPNIC represents Internet addressing community at WTPF 2009
2009-04-22APNIC NewsAPNIC offers public response to TSB Questionnaire
2009-04-15APNIC NewsAPNIC participates at Global IPv6 Summit
2009-04-09APNIC NewsAPNIC participates in the Day In The Life of the Internet 2009
2009-04-08APNIC NewsAPNIC at APEC TEL 39
2009-03-23NRO NewsOECD Welcomes Formation of The Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC)
2009-03-17NRO NewsGlobal Policy for the Allocation of the Remaining IPv4 Address Space Ratified by ICANN Board
2009-03-10APNIC NewsAPNIC Annual Report 2008 is now available
2009-03-06APNIC NewsCommunity calls on APNIC for IPv6 support
2009-03-05APNIC NewsAPNIC Member and Stakeholder Survey 2009 results published
2009-03-04APNIC NewsAPNIC Newsletter Available
2009-03-04APNIC NewsAPNIC 28 website now online
2009-02-27APNIC NewsAPNIC 27 Meeting Report
2009-02-20APNIC NewsA reminder on the proper use of APNIC data
2009-02-16APNIC NewsNew APNIC policies now active
2009-02-16APNIC NewsNominations for EC elections now closed
2009-01-22APNIC NewsSurvey winners announced.
2009-01-15APNIC NewsFebruary 2009 policy changes
2009-01-13APNIC NewsAPNIC 27 Early Bird registration extended
2009-01-12APNIC NewsDraft policy documents available for review
2009-01-05APNIC NewsNominations for APNIC Executive Council now open
2009-01-02APNIC NewsFour-byte AS numbers now default assignment type
2008-12-22APNIC NewsSecond phase of four-byte AS number assignment policy begins 1 January 2009
2008-12-06NRO NewsNRO at IGF 2008, Hyderabad, India
2008-12-05APNIC NewsAPNIC Member and Stakeholder Survey 2009
2008-12-04APNIC NewsIP addresses not holding India back
2008-12-03NRO NewsNRO Press release “IPv6 Growth Increases 300 Percent in Two Years
2008-12-02APNIC NewsInternet Governance Forum makes Asia Pacific debut
2008-12-02NRO NewsThe vital role of the NRO and RIRs in IP address management
2008-12-01APNIC NewsMoU signed between APNIC and the Taskforce on IPv4 Address Exhaustion
2008-11-26NRO NewsCooperative approach continues to meet the challenge of Internet development
2008-11-13APNIC NewsLaunch of APNIC 27 Website
2008-10-30NRO NewsNRO press release “NRO Regrets the Lost Opportunity for Ethiopia to Host an AfriNIC Training and Meeting Event
2008-10-30APNIC NewsIGF Fellows Announced
2008-10-30APNIC NewsAPNIC and PITA present Internet Service Fundamentals, Network Security & Forensics Training and Seminar
2008-10-09APNIC NewsFellowships for IGF 2008
2008-09-23APNIC NewsUpgrade to MyAPNIC – MyAPNIC 2 Beta
2008-09-22APNIC NewsAPNIC supports the Global IPv6 Penetration Survey
2008-09-15NRO NewsGlobal Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks to Regional Internet Registries ratified by ICANN Board
2008-09-12APNIC NewsAPNIC participates in ITU Telecom Asia 2008
2008-09-12APNIC NewsProposed policies address distribution of remaining IPv4
2008-09-12APNIC NewsAPNIC signs two new MoUs
2008-09-05APNIC NewsAPNIC asks ICANN to sign DNS root
2008-09-02APNIC NewsAPNIC 26 meeting report
2008-09-01APNIC NewsAPNIC addressing the challenges of a growing region
2008-08-28APNIC NewsIPv4 in 2015: Black markets, regulated transfers or totally redundant?
2008-08-11APNIC NewsNRO NC online voting is now open
2008-08-11NRO NewsCall for nominations from the RIPE NCC service region
2008-08-04APNIC NewsAPNIC implements three new policy proposals
2008-08-01APNIC NewsNew at APNIC 26: eTicketing
2008-07-25APNIC NewsAS number change could affect Internet routing from 1 January 2009
2008-07-21NRO NewsCall for Nominations: NRO NC ARIN Region
2008-07-18APNIC NewsNRO NC nominations closing soon
2008-07-07APNIC NewsNew I-root nameserver in Sri Lanka improves Internet in South Asia
2008-06-30APNIC NewsNew APNIC policies to be implemented in August broaden eligibility to APNIC resources
2008-06-25APNIC NewsISIF channels important funding into the Asia Pacific ICT community
2008-06-24AnnouncementAPNIC service announcement
2008-06-20NRO NewsOECD Ministerial Meeting, Seoul, 2008
2008-06-19NRO NewsNRO reports to the UN on its activities related to enhancing collaboration on Public Policy matters.
2008-06-19APNIC NewsGeoff Huston speaks at OECD ministerial meeting
2008-06-18APNIC NewsMemorandum on the future of the Internet in a global economy
2008-06-16NRO NewsRegional Internet Registries appeal for IPv6 Investment at OECD Conference
2008-06-16APNIC NewsAPNIC participates in latest OECD Ministerial Meeting
2008-05-24APNIC NewsOnline registration for APNIC 26 now open
2008-05-23APNIC NewsSponsor APNIC 26
2008-05-22APNIC NewsAPNIC 26 website now live
2008-05-19APNIC NewsAPNIC cooperates with AIT and dotAsia for DUMBO deployment in Myanmar
2008-05-12AnnouncementIssue with APNIC DNS nameservers resolved
2008-05-08APNIC NewsAPNIC 26 to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand
2008-03-28APNIC NewsAPNIC and the Day In The Life of the Internet
2008-02-29APNIC News25th APNIC Open Policy Meeting
2008-02-25APNIC NewsAPNIC 25 now underway
2008-02-22APNIC NewsTraining survey results published
2008-02-21APNIC NewsAnnual report for 2007 available online
2008-02-15NRO NewsNRO response to the Midterm review of ICANN/DoC Joint Project Agreement.
2008-01-08NRO NewsNRO and ICANN Reaffirm Commitment to Relationship
2008-01-04APNIC NewsCall for APNIC EC nominations
2007-12-21APNIC NewsNew to APNIC?
2007-12-21APNIC NewsMembership and resource application
2007-12-19APNIC NewsApster 24 now available!
2007-12-11APNIC NewsNRO NC: Call for nominations
2007-11-09NRO NewsNRO Report: “Continuing Cooperation”
2007-11-06NRO NewsNRO at IGF in Rio
2007-10-28APNIC NewsChanges to APNIC fees
2007-10-11APNIC NewsNew Delhi chosen as site of ICANN’s 31st Public Meeting
2007-10-02APNIC NewsICANN and Taiwan Regional Meeting “Toward the New Era of Internet” to be held from 19-21 October 2007
2007-09-03NRO NewsStatement by Raul Echeberria on behalf of the NRO, delivered at the IGF Open Consultation meeting, Geneva
2007-06-26APNIC NewsJPNIC releases statement on IPv4 consumption
2007-06-22APNIC NewsIPv6 deployment panel at ICANN meeting
2007-05-11APNIC NewsAPNIC 24 / SANOG 10 fellowship applications now open
2007-04-16NRO NewsFinal call for support statement on nominees to ICANN Board
2007-03-23NRO NewsASO calls for comments on nominees to ICANN Board
2007-03-02APNIC NewsEC Election result from APNIC 23
2007-02-13APNIC NewsChanges to APNIC portable assignment ranges
2007-02-01NRO NewsICANN Nominating Committee Issues Formal Call for Statements of Interest
2007-01-18NRO NewsRIR Comparative Policy Overview Updated
2007-01-01NRO NewsASO Call for Nominations for ICANN Board Seat
2006-12-01NRO NewsIGF in Athens
2006-12-01NRO NewsNRO at ITU Telecom World 2006, Hong Kong
2006-10-16NRO NewsCall for Comments on IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions
2006-10-01NRO NewsComparative RIR Policy Overview Updated
2006-09-12NRO NewsGlobal Policy for Allocation of IPv6 Address Space
2006-07-13NRO NewsNRO Comments to NTIA on ICANN
2006-07-12APNIC NewsDaniel Karrenberg elected Chair of ISOC trustees
2006-05-17NRO NewsNRO Represented in Internet Governance Forum Advisory Group
2006-04-07NRO News ASO Candidates for ICANN Board Announced: Open Call for Statements of Support
2006-03-16NRO NewsNRO Comment on IANA RFI
2006-02-23NRO NewsInput on the Internet Governance Forum
2006-01-05APNIC NewsAPNIC responds to Draft Recommendations on Transition from IPv4 To IPv6
2006-01-05NRO NewsASO Call for Nominations for ICANN Board Seat – 2006
2005-12-05NRO NewsNRO Statement on ICANN-VeriSign Agreement
2005-11-18NRO NewsWorld Summit on the Information Society
2005-11-17NRO NewsWSIS Reinforces the Regional Internet Registries (RIR)
2005-11-14NRO NewsGlobal Cooperation is Key to the Stability of the Internet, Say Internet Community Organisations at WSIS
2005-11-11NRO NewsNumber Resource Organization Statement on Internet Governance
2005-11-11NRO NewsNumber Resource Organization Statement on WSIS Phase II, Tunis
2005-11-07APNIC NewsAPNIC participating as part of the NRO in the WSIS exhibition
2005-11-04NRO NewsInternet Community Organisations at WSIS Outline Key Factors That Will Ensure the Internet’s Continuing Growth
2005-11-04NRO NewsVisit the NRO on the Internet Pavilion (stand 1323) at WSIS phase 2 in Tunis, 15-19 November 2005
2005-11-03NRO NewsThe Number Resource Organization taking part in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
2005-10-26APNIC NewsAPNIC 21 – Call for sponsors
2005-10-14APNIC NewsCall for proposals to host APNIC 22 in 2006
2005-10-11APNIC NewsDavid Conrad appointed to IANA
2005-09-30NRO NewsRIR Comparative Policy Overview – 2005
2005-08-22APNIC NewsPan Asia ICT R&D Grants Programme – next funding round now open
2005-08-17NRO NewsNRO comments on the WGIG Report
2005-08-08APNIC NewsAPNIC implements mail greylisting
2005-07-18NRO NewsPresentation of the WGIG Report
2005-07-08APNIC NewsAPNIC employment
2005-07-08APNIC NewseLearning Development / Training Officer position available
2005-06-17NRO NewsNRO comments submitted to ICANN regarding Policy Proposal Review Procedure
2005-06-14NRO NewsNRO document presented to the WGIG during its 4th open consultation meeting
2005-06-10APNIC NewsHostmaster position available
2005-06-10APNIC NewsNRO NC call for nominations open
2005-06-10APNIC NewsMarketing Communications Officer position available
2005-05-31NRO NewsICANN call for public comments on updated Proposed Review Procedure for ASO Policy Proposals
2005-04-27NRO NewsTransfer of Authority to AfriNIC and Joinder to NRO MoU
2005-04-15NRO NewsNRO response to WGIG Paper on IP Numbers
2005-04-14NRO NewsAdoption of a global policy on IANA Allocation of IPv4 address space to the Regional Internet Registries
2005-04-11NRO NewsRecognition of AfriNIC as the Fifth Regional Internet Registry
2005-04-08APNIC NewsAfriNIC receives full recognition as RIR
2005-04-07NRO NewsICANN Calls for Comments on the Proposed Review Procedure for ASO Policy Proposal
2005-03-31APNIC NewsNew venue for APNIC 21 / APRICOT 2006
2005-03-28NRO NewsAfriNIC Progress Update submitted to ICANN
2005-03-23APNIC NewsSystems Administrator (Application Services) position available
2005-03-14NRO NewsICANN has called for a 21-day public comment period on AfriNIC’s Application for Recognition as the RIR for the Africa region.
2005-03-11APNIC NewsAfriNIC transition moves to phase 2
2005-03-11APNIC NewsEC officeholders elected for 2005
2005-03-11APNIC NewsEC officeholders elected for 2005
2005-03-09NRO NewsICANN has called for a 21-day public comment period on the new IANA policy for allocation of IPv4 Address Space to Regional Internet Registries.
2005-03-02NRO NewsNRO Response to ICANN Strategic Plan
2005-02-23NRO NewsAfriNIC Progress Update submitted to ICANN
2005-02-15NRO NewsOriginal WGIG Draft Issue Paper on the Administration of Internet Names and IP Addresses
2005-02-15NRO NewsNRO Comments to WGIG on Draft Working Papers Identifying Issues for Internet Governance.
2005-02-09NRO NewsAfriNIC Moving Closer to Final Recognition as an RIR.
2005-02-04NRO NewsETNO Publishes Common Position on Future of IPv6 Management
2005-01-14NRO NewsKenny Huang appointed to NRO Number Council for APNIC region
2005-01-14APNIC NewsSystems Administrator position available
2005-01-13APNIC NewsAPNIC EC announces appointment to NRO NC / ASO AC
2005-01-07APNIC NewsNominations open for EC election
2004-12-31NRO NewsNRO Executive Council (EC) Announced.
2004-12-15APNIC NewsSANOG V fellowships now available
2004-12-14APNIC NewsProtection of historical Internet resource registrations
2004-12-06NRO NewsNRO Comments on the WGIG Panel at ICANN WSIS Workshop in Cape Town.
2004-11-25APNIC NewsWorking Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) formed
2004-11-19NRO NewsClarification on NRO statement: “NRO Response to ITU Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses”.
2004-11-19NRO NewsHoulin Zhao’s Response to NRO Statement: “NRO Response to ITU Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses”.
2004-11-15NRO NewsNRO Response to ITU Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses
2004-11-15NRO NewsSummary of NRO Response to ITU Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses
2004-11-15NRO NewsNRO Response to ITU Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses
2004-10-21NRO NewsICANN and NRO Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Address Supporting Organization
2004-10-13APNIC NewsWG mailing list formed: IPv4 guide
2004-10-13APNIC NewsTesting for lame DNS reverse delegations now underway
2004-10-11NRO NewsICANN Gives AfriNIC Provisional Recognition as the Regional Internet Registry for the African Region
2004-10-08APNIC NewsAPNIC signs MoU with ISPAI to promote activities in India
2004-09-21NRO NewsNRO Statement made at “Consultations on the establishment of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)”, Geneva, Switzerland
2004-09-20NRO NewsThe Number Resource Organization Confirms Commitment to the Working Group on Internet Governance
2004-09-07APNIC NewsAPRICOT 2005 Call for presentations and tutorials
2004-09-03NRO NewsGlobal Addressing Policy forwarded to ICANN Board of Directors
2004-09-01NRO NewsNRO Statement of Support for AfriNIC
2004-08-20APNIC NewsLower IPv4 minimum allocation size and criteria now available
2004-07-20NRO NewsAfriNIC Progress Report, submitted to ICANN
2004-06-28APNIC NewsASO Address Council election deferred
2004-06-22APNIC NewsRegister now for APNIC 18
2004-06-17APNIC NewsAPNIC 18 – Call for proposals
2004-06-07APNIC NewsAPNIC deploys digital certificate update
2004-05-19APNIC NewsAPNIC 18 fellowships available
2004-05-12APNIC NewsRIRs and IPv6 groups pledge support for IPv6 deployment
2004-05-05APNIC NewsAPNIC 18 information is available
2004-04-22APNIC NewsAPNIC to participate in SANOG IV
2004-04-20NRO NewsCall for Comments on Proposed MoU Between ICANN and the NRO
2004-04-06APNIC NewsAPNIC call for comments on new ASO MoU
2004-04-01NRO NewsLetter of Intent by ICANN and the NRO
2004-03-24NRO NewsNRO Comments Concerning ICANN and the World Summit of the Information Society
2004-03-23NRO NewsOpen Letter to the UN Secretary-General
2004-03-15NRO NewsStart-Up Financing of the Emerging AfriNIC During the Year 2004
2004-03-02APNIC NewsAPNIC 17 report
2004-02-25APNIC NewsParticipate in APNIC 17 sessions from anywhere in the world
2004-02-24NRO NewsNRO Reply to ICANN on Proposed ASO MoU
2004-01-29NRO NewsICANN Reply to the NRO on Proposed ASO MoU
2004-01-07APNIC NewsNew format for Internet resource statistics
2004-01-05NRO NewsNew RIR Statistics Published
2003-12-05APNIC NewsNew RIR statistics exchange format
2003-11-06NRO NewsASO MoU Proposed by the NRO
2003-10-27NRO NewsMemorandum of Understanding Signed
2003-10-24APNIC NewsRIRs establish Number Resource Organization
2003-10-15APNIC NewsRIR open letter to ICANN regarding the NRO
2003-09-22APNIC NewsProposal to establish a Number Resource Organization
2003-09-12APNIC NewsCall for proposals to host APNIC 18
2003-08-22APNIC NewsASO Address Council election result
2003-04-22APNIC NewsManage your resources with MyAPNIC
2003-04-17APNIC NewsICANN ASO General Assembly to be held on 24 April 2003
2003-02-28APNIC NewsResults of the EC election held on 28 February now available
2003-01-14APNIC NewsARIN launches status page for RFC 2050 Working Group
2003-01-13APNIC NewsRegistration for APNIC 15 now open
2002-11-07APNIC NewsIANA report on Recognition of LACNIC as a Regional Internet Registry
2002-11-01APNIC NewsLACNIC recognized as the fourth RIR
2002-10-30APNIC NewsICANN IPv6 workshop
2002-10-30APNIC NewsJoinder of Regional Latin-American and Caribbean IP Address Registry (LACNIC) into RIR-ICANN Memorandum of Understanding
2002-10-28APNIC NewsChanges to authentication of Whois maintainer objects
2002-10-01APNIC NewsCall for comments: APNIC document reviews
2002-09-12APNIC NewsCall for proposals to host APNIC 16
2002-09-05APNIC NewsElections for ASO Address Council
2002-09-03APNIC NewsAPNIC EC statement on ICANN reform
2002-08-01APNIC NewsReverse DNS delegations using and
2002-07-26APNIC NewsAPIA call for nominations – Interim Board of Directors
2002-07-26APNIC NewsAPNIC EC calls for comments on ICANN evolution and reform
2002-07-25APNIC NewsAddress Council seeks new ICANN Board Member
2002-07-25APNIC NewsAddress Council selects new ICANN Board Member
2002-07-22APNIC NewsTest Whois v3 using the new web interface
2002-07-05APNIC NewsAPNIC New IP address block
2002-07-02APNIC NewsCall for APNIC 14 meeting sponsors
2002-07-01APNIC NewsNew IPv6 policy implemented on 1 July 2002
2002-06-21APNIC NewsFinal call for comments – ASN policy draft
2002-06-21APNIC NewsJoint RIR Statement on ICANN Evolution and Reform forwarded to ICANN
2002-06-20APNIC NewsSecond joint RIR statement on ICANN evolution and reform
2002-06-05APNIC NewsCall for nominations to the ASO Address Council
2002-05-31APNIC NewsTransfer of memberships and resources
2002-05-31APNIC NewsComments sought on IPv6 fee change proposal
2002-05-29APNIC NewsAPNIC joins cooperative R&D grants program
2002-05-29APNIC NewsWhois v3 is coming
2002-05-21APNIC NewsCall for volunteers to draft RFC 2050
2002-05-08APNIC NewsJoint RIR statement on ICANN evolution and reform
2002-04-30AnnouncementAPNIC IPv4 policy document approved
2002-04-11APNIC NewsICANN approves LACNIC plan
2002-04-10AnnouncementAPNIC-ICANN Contract – comments requested
2002-04-10APNIC NewsAnnouncement made relating to ICANN-RIR contract
2002-04-02APNIC NewsRelated news
2002-04-02AnnouncementNew Member Services Helpdesk for APNIC Members
2002-03-27AnnouncementProposed change to whois authentication
2002-03-13AnnouncementExecutive Council election results
2002-03-13APNIC NewsAPNIC announces new Member Services Helpdesk
2002-02-20AnnouncementAPNIC Member and Stakeholder Survey – Executive Committee response
2002-02-12AnnouncementCall for Comments: document reviews (IPv4 and ASN policies)
2002-02-11AnnouncementNew APNIC phone and fax numbers
2002-02-08AnnouncementCall for Proposal extended – 14th APNIC Open Policy Meeting
2002-01-31AnnouncementNew GSM Association address guidelines document
2002-01-26AnnouncementNew IPv4 policy draft – comments requested
2002-01-23APNIC NewsMember survey report released
2002-01-18AnnouncementNew IPv6 policy draft released
2002-01-18APNIC NewsNew IPv6 policy draft released
2001-11-29APNIC NewsDirector General honored in Awards
2001-11-12APNIC NewsAPNIC Open Policy Meeting – Post-meeting update
2001-10-17APNIC NewsNew mailing lists for global address policy discussions
2001-10-04APNIC NewsGuidelines for assigning IP addresses to mobile terminals
2001-06-06APNIC NewsCall for nominations to the Address Council
2001-06-05APNIC NewsIPv6 policy development
2001-05-24APNIC NewsImportant operational advice for organizations with networks currently reverse-delegated by ARIN
2001-05-20APNIC NewsNew ISP request form
2001-05-01APNIC NewsGlobal Internet Resource statistics now available
2001-05-01APNIC NewsParsing and validating tool now available
2000-10-01APNIC NewsAPNIC Certification Authority project
2000-08-18APNIC NewsCall for proposals: document translation
2000-08-01APNIC NewsAddress policy change
2000-07-27APNIC NewsCall for nominations Asia-Pacific representatives to the ASO Address Council
2000-05-04APNIC NewsPublic announcement: Changes in APNIC address policy
2000-04-20APNIC NewsNext APNIC Meeting to be in Brisbane, October 2000
2000-03-15APNIC NewsAPNIC Annual Members’ Meeting
1999-07-27APNIC NewsIPv6 allocation services commence
1998-05-31APNIC NewsRegister now for APNIC 20