Guide to the transfer of historical Internet resources

Table of contents

1.   Introduction
2.   Sources of historical resources
2.1   Early Registration Transfer (ERX)
2.2   AUNIC to APNIC migration
3.   Transfers of resources are optional
4.   How to transfer resources
5.   Historical resource scenarios

1. Introduction

These guidelines are intended to complement the policy for the transfer of historical resources found at Section 8.3 of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies and are intended to guide LIRs wishing to transfer or accept transfers of historical Internet resources.


2. Sources of historical resources

2.1 Early Registration Transfer (ERX)

Most historical registrations were initially made by the global registries that predated ARIN, such as DDN-NIC, SRI-NIC, and InterNIC. ARIN inherited these registrations automatically when it was established.  Historical registrations made to organizations
in the APNIC region were transferred to APNIC during 2003 and 2004 as part of the RIRs’ Early Registration Transfer (ERX) project. A list of resources transferred to APNIC as part of the ERX project is available at: arrow-blue Early Registration Transfer project  

2.2 AUNIC to APNIC migration

Some historical resource registrations have been inherited by APNIC from the former AUNIC address registry. A list of resources transferred to APNIC as part of the migration is available at: arrow-blue Transfer of AUNIC network records


3. Transfers of resources are optional

If historical resources are transferred to an APNIC Member, there is the option to make the transfer under the conditions described in this policy. Transfers of Internet resources to current APNIC Member account holders are purely optional. For information
on the different types of transfers available, please see historical resource scenarios.


4. How to transfer resources

To transfer historical resource, the following steps must take place:

Step 1

The APNIC Member completes the Historical resource transfer form

The Historical resource transfer form includes contact information for both parties involved in the transfer and lists the resources to be transferred. The form is available at: Historical transfer form

Important: The organization to receive the transferred resources must be an APNIC Member. If the Member has not previously received IP address resources from APNIC, it will not be required to pay the initial resource application fee to receive a transfer of historical resources. However, if the Member submits a conventional resource request in the future, it will be required to pay the initial resource application fee at that time.

Step 2

APNIC verifies the existing holder of the resources

APNIC will verify the if the organization stated in the transfer form is the legitimate holder of the resource. If the custodianship of the historical resources has not been verified previously, APNIC may request the organization to complete additional documentation, such as a declaration and indemnification form. If copies of these documents are needed, APNIC will forward them to the existing resource holder to complete.

Step 3

The existing holder of the resources provides documents confirming the transfer to the APNIC Member

The APNIC Secretariat will contact both organizations listed in the form and request that each organization to confirm and agree to the transfer of resources. In addition, the APNIC Member will be asked to provide changes needed for resource registration in the APNIC Whois Database.

Step 4

APNIC transfers the resources to the APNIC Member

APNIC will register the transferred resources in the APNIC Whois Database and notify the APNIC Member that the transfer has been completed.

Important: All transferred resources are considered to be current resources and will be subject to all applicable APNIC policies (see Section 5 of APNIC transfer, merger, acquisition, and takeover policy).


5. Historical resource scenarios

Resource status APNIC members Non-member account holders Historical resource holders with no formal relationship with APNIC
Current resources Membership tier assessed and charged based on address space held MyAPNIC access. Annual maintenance fee based on address space held. MyAPNIC access. Not applicable.
Historical resources already maintained by the account holder Assessment of membership tier includes historical address space held.
MyAPNIC access.
Annual account fee or annual address fee applies. MyAPNIC access. No payment to APNIC. No MyAPNIC access.
Historical resources transferred under the policy for the transfer of historical resources Assessment of membership tier includes the transferred address space. MyAPNIC access Not applicable Not applicable