What’s new in Resource Certification

APNIC releases major upgrade to RPKI

APNIC has deployed a major upgrade to its Resource Certification system, RPKI. This upgrade includes a revised user interface (UI) to the MyAPNIC managed portal for RPKI management, and also includes new functionality to allow resource holders to operate their own locally managed RPKI system and communicate with the APNIC RPKI using the standard “RPKI Provisioning Protocol”.

APNIC News, February 2013

Certificate management services

APNIC resource holders may manage their Resource Certificates themselves in a self-service environment developed by APNIC.

  • Web GUI provided by the MyAPNIC website
  • Hosted by APNIC for registered users
  • Reliable, scalable servers holding published certificate outcomes

Resource Certification interoperability

  • All five Regional Internet Registries are committed to the adoption of common standards based on the IETF process
  • Systems were developed jointly and continue to be tested against each other
  • Normal inter-RIR collaboration continues as this service is adopted worldwide

Open software

The APNIC Resource Certification system makes use of international standards and software developed by APNIC and by the open source community, including:

  • OpenSSL modifications, supported by ARIN and developed by ISC, now released as part of the OpenSSL open source code base
  • An APNIC-developed suite of Perl CPAN modules is also available on an open source basis
  • Java code developed by BBN
  • Resource Certificate software developed by ISC with the support of ARIN, published as open source software