Route Origin Authorizations (ROA)

Create your ROA now in MyAPNIC

A ROA or Route Origin Authorization is an attestation of a BGP route announcement. It attests that the origin AS number is authorized to announce the prefix(es). The attestation can be verified cryptographically using RPKI.

Benefits of creating a ROA

  • Verify whether an AS is authorized to announce a specific IP prefix
  • Minimize common routing errors
  • Prevent most accidental hijacks

What’s contained in a ROA

  • The AS number you authorize
  • The prefix that is being originated from it
  • The most specific prefix (maximum length) that the AS may announce

An ROA might look like this for example,

“ISP 4 permits AS 65000 to originate a route for the prefix”

Create your ROA in MyAPNIC

It’s easy to create a ROA. Log in to your MyAPNIC account and follow the step-by-step guide or the video below. It will only take you about 5 minutes to complete.

Note, you can add in your ROAs individually or for identical items, add and clone them for convenience.

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ROA sessions in 2017

APNIC is conducting ROA sessions to help Members explore Resource Certification. A live demo, Q&A and trouble shooting will be available at the session. Join one of our short ROA sessions at the following events; you may even get a t-shirt!