APNIC Non-Member Fee Schedule

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Title: APNIC Non-Member Fee Schedule
Short title: Non-member-fees
Document ref: APNIC-122
Version: 009
Date of original publication: 18 June 2009
Date of this version: 1 January 2023
Review scheduled: N/A
Obsoletes: APNIC-122-v008
Status: ACTIVE
Comments: APNIC-118-v001 was superseded by this document on 1 January 2011

Table of contents

Organizations requiring access to resources from APNIC are encouraged to do so as APNIC Members. Where this is not possible, or not preferred, organizations may access certain APNIC services as APNIC Non-Member account holders.
Table of contents

1. Fee Schedule

Service Fee1 Frequency Notes and exceptions
Sign-up AUD 575 Once-off Accounts established to only receive the following services are exempt from the Sign-up fee:

  • Critical infrastructure assignments
  • IXP assignments
  • Historical Resources2
Annual With no chargeable resources: AUD 575
With chargeable resources: See Section 2 below
Annual on renewal The following resources are excluded from the Annual Fee calculation:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Experimental Allocations
  • Historical Resources2
  • Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs)
Transfers 20% of the Annual Fee applicable to resources being transferred Per transaction Fee is payable by the recipient of transferred resources, except in case of transfers to other RIRs, in which case it is paid by the source APNIC Non-Member.
This fee does not apply to:

  • Initial IPv4 transfers to Non-Member accounts holding no IP addresses (as these accounts will be charged the full annual fee once the resources have been transferred).
  • IPv4 transfers to NIR Members
  • A membership change to or from an NIR
Account Reactivation AUD 1,200 Once-off prior to each reactivation This fee is payable where a Non-Member account has been terminated (that is, due to non-payment).
For further detail, see Section 4.2.


  1. 50% discount applies for account holders from Least Developed Countries (LDCs). See section 3.
  2. Historical Resources are those IPv4 addresses and ASNs delegated prior to APNIC’s establishment or before APNIC introduced a membership structure which:
    • a. Have not previously been converted to resources included in the Annual Fee calculation, and
    • b. Are still held by the original custodian.

2. Annual Fees

The Annual Fee is determined by the (fractional) number of bits of address space (IPv4 or IPv6) held, and two Annual Fee ‘parameters’, the Base Fee and the Bit Factor as set out in the table below. IPv4 and IPv6 address holdings are assessed separately, and the Non-Member’s annual fee is then determined as the larger of these amounts.

Annual Fee = (Base Fee) x (Bit Factor)(Address Bits)
Annual Fee Parameters
Base Fee AUD 1,357
Bit Factor 1.31
Address Bits log2 (Addresses) – (offset)
Offset for IPv4 8
Offset for IPv6 22

To determine the Annual Fee applicable to any specific address holding, please use the APNIC Non-Members Fees Calculator available here — https://submit.apnic.net/cgi-bin/feecalc-nm.pl

2.1 Example Fee Calculation

A Non-Member holds IPv4 address space of /16 and a /18, and IPv6 space of a /32 and a /31.

IPv4 calculation

An IPv4 holding of /16 + /18 is equivalent to 81,920 /32 addresses

Annual fee = $1,357 x 1.31(log2(81920)-8)
           = $1,357 x 1.31 8.322
           = $12,838

IPv6 calculation

An IPv6 holding of /32 + /31 is equivalent to 50,331,648 /56 site addresses

Annual fee = $1,357 x 1.31(log2(50331648)-22)
           = $1,357 x 1.31 3.585
           = $3,573

Annual fee

The applicable Annual Fee is determined as $12,838 (the larger of the IPv4 and IPv6 fees).

Note that this result can also be obtained from the fee calculator.

3. Least Developed Countries

Fees payable by account holders from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are discounted by 50%.

The list of LDCs used for the purposes of this fee discount is defined and maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division.

The discount will be applied in accordance with the LDC status of the account holder’s economy on the date of Non-Membership renewal.

4. Payment of fees

4.1 Currency, taxes and other charges

All APNIC fees are assessed and payable in Australian Dollars (AUD).

All fee payments must be made in cleared funds, without any deduction or set-off, and free and clear of any taxes, levies, imports, duties, charges, fees, and withholdings of any nature imposed by any bank, financial institution, Governmental, or other body. If any deductions are made, the relevant fees will be increased to ensure APNIC receives the full amount which was originally due and payable.

4.2 Failure to pay

Failure to pay APNIC fees will result in termination of the Non-Member account. A terminated account may be reactivated within three months of termination, subject to the payment of the Reactivation Fee and any other outstanding fees.

If a terminated account is not reactivated within three months of termination, all resources held will be subject to de-registration and return to the APNIC free pool for future reallocation.