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Title:APNIC Definition Document
Short title:definition-document
Document ref:APNIC-080Version:003
Date of original publication:1 December 2001Date of this version:20 July 2023
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Status:ActiveComments:Implements prop-145


In APNIC Documents the following words have the corresponding meanings:  

Allocated ResourceInternet resources which have been allocated by the Company.
APNICA special committee established pursuant to Article 9.3 of the Company’s Articles of Association, also referred to as the Special Committee.
APNIC DocumentThe following specified documents:

  • APNIC Document Review Policies and Procedures
  • APNIC By-laws
  • APNIC Definition Document
  • Fee Schedule
  • Policies for Address Space Management in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Provisional IPv6 Assignment and Allocation Policy Document
  • Standard APNIC Membership Agreement
  • Standard APNIC NIR Membership Agreement

Other documents which are declared APNIC Documents by the consensus of the Members.

ApplicantIn respect of a Membership, an organization which has applied to be accepted as a Member of APNIC. In respect of a request for resource services, an organization which has applied to APNIC for allocated resources.
AGM/AMMAPNIC General Meeting (AGM) is held at APRICOT/APNIC conference and APNIC Member Meeting (AMM) is held at APNIC standalone conference. APNIC Executive Council (APNIC EC) elections take place at the AGM and NRO NC elections take place at the AMM.
By-lawsThe document setting out the By-laws which govern the operation of APNIC (including the meeting procedures and formalities).
The CompanyAPNIC Pty Ltd ACN 081 528 010, a non-profit company incorporated under Australian laws.
Current ResourcesCurrent resources are Internet resources registered by APNIC under explicit policies and agreements.
Definition DocumentMeans this document which sets out the meaning of definitions used in the APNIC Documents.
Dispute Resolution DocumentMeans sections 73 to 81 (inclusive) of the APNIC By-Laws.
Executive CouncilMeans the Executive Council of APNIC, established under the constitution and By-laws of APNIC.
Fee ScheduleThe document setting out the fees for various categories of Memberships.
General SecretariatThe General Secretariat defined in APNIC’s By-laws.
Historical ResourcesHistorical resources are Internet resources registered under early registry policies without formal agreements and include:
* Registrations transferred to APNIC as part of the AUNIC to APNIC migration.
– Some historical resource registrations have been inherited by APNIC from the former AUNIC address registry.
– A list of resources transferred to APNIC as part of the migration is available on the APNIC website at:
* Registrations transferred as part of the Early Registration Transfer (ERX) project
* Most historical registrations were initially made by the global registries that predated ARIN, such as DDN-NIC, SRI-NIC, and InterNIC. ARIN inherited these registrations automatically when it was established. Historical registrations made to organizations in the APNIC region were transferred to APNIC during 2003 and 2004 as part of the RIRs’ Early Registration Transfer (ERX) project.

A list of resources transferred to APNIC as part of the ERX project is available at: http://www.apnic.net/erx

* Historical APNIC resources
– Historical APNIC resources were delegated to organizations by APNIC prior to the introduction of a Membership structure. These resources have always been registered in the APNIC Whois Database, but if the resource holder did not become an APNIC Member at any time after the introduction of the Membership structure, the resources were not made subject to current APNIC policies.
Insolvency EventOne or more of the following:

  1. The Member ceases or takes steps to cease to conduct its business in the normal manner;
  2. The Member enters into or resolves to enter into any arrangement, composition or compromise with or assignment for the benefit of its creditors or any class of them;
  3. The Member is unable to pay its debts when they are due or is deemed under the Corporations Act to be insolvent;
  4. A liquidator or provisional liquidator is appointed to the Member or a receiver, receiver and manager, administrator, trustee or similar official is appointed over any of the assets or undertakings of the Member; or
  5. An application or order is made or a resolution is passed for the winding up of the Member.
Internet Registry (IR)An Internet Registry (IR) is an organization that is responsible for distributing IP address space to its account holders and for registering those distributions. IRs are classified according to their primary function and territorial scope within
the hierarchical structure depicted in the figure above.

Internet Registries include:
– APNIC and other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)
– National Internet Registries (NIRs)
– Local Internet Registries (LIRs).
Internet ResourcesInternet resources are those resources administered by the Internet registry system including address space, autonomous system numbers, and in-addr.arpa domains associated with the address space administered by the registry.
Internet Exchange Point (IXP)An Internet Exchange Point (IX or IXP) is a layer 1 and layer 2 network structure that interconnects three or more Autonomous Systems (AS) for the purpose of Internet traffic interchange.
Local Internet Registry (LIR)A Local Internet Registry (LIR) is an IR that primarily assigns address space to the users of the network services that it provides. LIRs are generally Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and may assign address space to their own network infrastructure and to users of their network services. An LIR’s customers may be other “downstream” ISPs, which further assign address space to their own customers.
MemberAn Applicant who has been approved by the Company to become a member of APNIC.
MembershipMembership of APNIC.
Membership AgreementAn agreement to become a Member of APNIC.
Membership DateThe date of commencement of a Membership as is inserted by APNIC on page one of that Member’s Membership Agreement.
Membership FeeThe membership fees prescribed in the Fee Schedule Document.
Member’s rights under the APNIC documentsIncludes, without limitation, a licence to use the delegated resources.
National Internet Registry (NIR)National Internet Registries (NIRs) are established and authorized by their respective regional communities and recognized by RIRs to delegate address space to their account holders, which are generally LIRs organized at a national level. NIRs are expected to apply their policies and procedures fairly and equitably to all account holders of their constituency.
Payment DateThe date on which APNIC receives the full and cleared Application Fee, Renewal Fee, or any other fee.
Regional Internet Registry (RIR)Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are established and authorized by their respective regional communities and recognized by the IANA to serve and represent large geographical regions. Their primary role is to manage, distribute, and register public Internet address space within their respective region. There are five RIRs: AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, and the RIPE NCC.
Renewal DateThe date a Membership is renewed according to the provisions of the relevant Membership Agreement.
Renewal FeeThe renewal fees prescribed in the Fee Schedule Document.
ResourcesThe resources and services which the Company may from time to time provide to a Member or Lessee, including:

  • The leasing of Internet Protocol numbers;
  • Inverse addressing on Network blocks;
  • Maintenance of network records;
  • Administration of Internet Protocol numbers;
  • Educational services.
Standard APNIC Membership AgreementThe document setting out the standard agreement for Membership between the Company and a Member.
Standard APNIC NIR Membership AgreementThe document setting out the standard agreement for Membership between the Company and a Member which is recognized as an NIR.


In the APNIC Documents, unless expressed or implied to the contrary:

  1. A reference to a person includes a firm, partnership, joint venture, association, corporation, or other corporate body, and includes the legal personal representatives, successors, and permitted assigns of that person;
  1. A reference to any body which no longer exists or has been reconstituted, renamed, replaced, or whose powers or functions have been removed or transferred to another body or agency, is a reference to the body which most closely serves the purposes
    or objects of the first-mentioned body;
  1. If a party to a document consists of more than one person, that document binds them jointly and each of them severally;
  1. A reference to a statute includes regulations under it and consolidations, amendments, re-enactments, or replacements of any of them;
  1. A reference to this or other APNIC Document includes the document as varied or replaced from time to time;
  1. A reference to a clause, schedule, appendix, or annexe is a reference to a clause, schedule, appendix, or annexe in or to that particular document, all of which are deemed part of that document;
  1. A reference to writing includes all modes of representing or reproducing words in a legible, permanent, and visible form;
  1. Headings and sub-headings are inserted for ease of reference only and do not affect the interpretation of the document;
  1. Where an expression is defined, another part of speech or grammatical form of that expression has a corresponding meaning;
  1. If a provision in the document is held to be illegal, invalid, void, voidable, or unenforceable, that provision must be read down to the extent necessary to ensure that it is not illegal, invalid, void, voidable, or unenforceable, and if it is not
    possible to read down a provision as required in this paragraph, that provision is severable without affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining part of that provision in the document;
  1. A reference to “$” or “dollars” is a reference to Australian dollars;
  1. A reference to the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
  1. A reference to a gender includes other genders.