1. The data is generated from the APNIC FTP files, which is generated daily:
  2. The data for the current year is updated daily.
  3. For previous data, the annual stats are taken as a snapshot at the end of every year. For more detailed information for that year, please check the APNIC FTP stats:


  1. To view the legend, click the three dots to the right of the graph.
  2. You can change the way the data is shown by using the radio buttons.
  3. Each graph can be maximized for viewing.
  4. Moving the cursor over parts of the graph will show the values of the x and y axis.
  5. You can select to view the cumulative data.
  6. You can download the graphs in various formats including: pdf; png; svg; json; and csv.
  7. When viewing a particular resource (IPv4, IPv6 and ASN), a map view option will become available.
  8. You can drill down and view the data by sub-region as well as a specific economy.
  9. You can find useful links on the bottom left of the screen.