More information about getting your IP Addresses

In the Asia Pacific region, Internet number resources are delegated and registered by the APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre), a not-for-profit, member-based organization.

To get IP addresses from APNIC:

  • Your organization must be a legal entity registered in the Asia Pacific region or plan to use the IP addresses for your network in the Asia Pacific region
  • You’ll need to provide documentation with your application:
    • Proof of your business legal entity e.g. Certification of business incorporation
    • Any Internet number resources currently held by your organization
    • The intended use for the address space requested e.g. network plans

If your application is approved, you’ll become an APNIC Member.

As a new APNIC Member you can receive from 256 (a /24 in prefix notation) up to a maximum of 512 (/23) IPv4 addresses. You can also receive IPv6 addresses, typically a /48 or a /32 depending on your network size.

Other Member Benefits

APNIC Membership provides other benefits in addition to quick access to Internet resources:

  • Take advantage of added security features on your prefixes such as DNSSEC and RPKI
  • Get access to hands-on infrastructure training
  • Get one free ticket per membership to APNIC Conferences and two free training/workshop registrations (valid for two (2) years from the start of your APNIC membership).
  • Participate in regional policy discussion on how to manage Internet resources


The typical annual fees (in Australian dollars) are:

New Member fee examples at a glance

New Members receiving the following resources

IPv4 IPv6 Sign-Up Fee Annual Membership Fee
2024 2025 2026 2027
/24 (256 addresses) /48 AUD 500 AUD 1,180 AUD 1,236 AUD 1,295 AUD 1,356
/24 (256 addresses) /32 AUD 500 AUD 2,025 AUD 2,137 AUD 2,256 AUD 2,381
/23 (512 addresses) /48 AUD 500 AUD 1,546 AUD 1,625 AUD 1,709 AUD 1,797
/23 (512 addresses) /32 AUD 500 AUD 2,025 AUD 2,137 AUD 2,256 AUD 2,381

For more information on please see APNIC fees.

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