Community Insights

At APNIC we are working hard to focus on you and your needs. We want to improve our products and services, so they work best for you. To do this we are forming a group for people who are interested in helping us create better products and services.

Your invitation to join

APNIC is excited to offer YOU an opportunity to join our Community Insights group!

By taking part you will often be the first people to see and have your say on many of our new products and features.

community insights

What does it involve?

We will invite you to provide feedback on a new product or feature.

This may involve taking a few minutes to give online feedback, right up to an in-person interview at an event.

You choose what you want to take part in and we won’t spam you with invites.

Join the Community Insights group now!

Joining up is easy — just fill in the form below with a few details about yourself. This information will help us identify the right products and services for you to test.
Any questions, Email us