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What is it?

An inclusive and collaborative program open to anyone who is interested in helping to improve APNIC’s products and services for the community.

Here you will find opportunities to contribute with your ideas, all experience levels welcomed!

Why Should I join?

Helps the whole APNIC community

Voice your suggestions and improvements

First to see new feature ideas and provide your input

Incentives for your time

How it works

Once you join there will be:

  1. Invites to user research studies by email
  2. This may take a few minutes to do an online exercise, a survey or it could be a Zoom call
  3. You choose the studies you are interested in

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Participate in our User Feedback Group survey
APNIC Academy
APNIC website survey

This is a regular survey about the APNIC website that helps us make ongoing improvements to the site.

The survey takes around 5 minutes to complete and just asks you how much you agree or disagree with statements about the APNIC website.

You will also have a chance to provide any improvement suggestions about the website.

There will be a prize draw for those taking part, with the winner to receive an AUD $100 e-gift voucher.

You can take part in the research here:

Join the User Feedback Group below!