RSS feeds

Subscribe to an APNIC RSS feed

To subscribe to an APNIC RSS feed, simply click on the Available RSS Feeds link. Most browsers will detect the feed and give you the option to subscribe.  Alternatively, if you use an RSS news reader/aggregator, just past the relevant RSS RL into your newsreader.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) enables the latest website content to be delivered directly to you the moment it is published – without having to visit our site to view it.


These news feed provide all the latest news on what’s happening at APNIC and important information and updates about the Internet addressing community.  By subscribing, you will be kept 100% up-to-date with everything you could want to know about APNIC, including news, announcements, Apster articles, event information, and information about important additions and changes to the website.

How do I view an RSS feed?

The first thing you need is an RSS reader a piece of software known as a feed aggregator.  There are many options available, both as stand-alone client-side programs or web-based services, such as Google Reader.

Using your preferred newsreader, all you need do is import the URL linked to the orange RSS icon rss into your reader.

Most web browsers include functionality that automatically detects and subscribes to RSS feeds for you.

Some older browsers are unable to detect RSS feeds.  In this case, clicking the RSS feed link will take you to a page that displays the raw RSS feed code. Don’t worry all you need to do in this case is copy and paste the page’s URL into a new feed in your news reader and then wait for the new content to be delivered to you.

It’s as simple as that!