e.ip6-servers.arpa DNS outage

Start Time Friday, 8 February 2019 13:00 (UTC+10)
End Time Tuesday, 12 February 2019 07:20 (UTC+10)
Duration 3 days, 18 hours, 20 minutes
Services affected

DNS queries against e.ip6-servers.arpa, one of the NS
servers in the ip6.arpa and ip6-servers.arpa zones.


ICANN manage the ip6-servers.arpa zone, and a backup
restoration for the ip6-servers.arpa zone was done by ICANN
on the 8th of February which contained an old address for
the APNIC managed e.ip6-servers.arpa NS nameserver. This old
address did not serve the ip6.arpa or ip6-servers.arpa zones
so queries to e.ip6-servers.arpa for those zones failed.

To remediate APNIC loaded the affected zones to the nameserver at the old
address to restore service and notified ICANN. ICANN then updated their zone
with the correct IP addresses for the e-servers.ip6.arpa NS.

We apologize for the loss of facilities and any inconvenience caused. Should you require assistance in dealing with any problems arising from this outage, please contact the APNIC Helpdesk.