IPv4 Transfer Pre-approvals

IPv4 transfer pre-approval is about obtaining an approval from APNIC for the amount of IPv4 addresses that you, as a recipient, are planning to transfer from one or more sources. The IPv4 transfer recipients are required by APNIC’s policy to demonstrate the needs for the addresses.

Advantages of pre-approvals

To better prepare for IPv4 transfers in advance before the sources of IPv4 addresses are found, the recipients can send the pre-approval request to APNIC. Once the request is approved, any future transfer initiated by a source can be transferred quickly to the recipient.

How to request for a pre-approval?

Any recipients with access to MyAPNIC can send a request using the pre-approval form.

Does a pre-approval expire?

Pre-approvals are valid for 24 months from the approval date. You will receive a:

  • Notification email about your pre-approval size and expiry date
  • Reminder email 30 days before your pre-approval expiry date
  • Notice of pre-approval expiry after your pre-approval expiry date

Need to change your current pre-approval?

If your IPv4 requirements change before your current pre-approval expires, you can send a new pre-approval request. When your new request is approved, it will override your existing pre-approval.

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