IPv4 Transfer Guide

IPv4 transfers

IPv4 transfer is permitted in the APNIC region if the transfer meets the IPv4 transfer policy. This transfer policy allows those who need IPv4 addresses to receive from those who have IPv4 addresses that are not in use. Transfer under this policy involves only IPv4 addresses and it helps to ensure IPv4 addresses are correctly registered to those who are using them.

This policy criteria outlines what the source and recipient must fulfill. In particular, the recipient must demonstrate the need for the IPv4 addresses proposed to be transferred.

How to start?

The source account will need to initiate the transfer using MyAPNIC. It is then acknowledged by the recipient account. For transfer between the parties in the APNIC region, the policy requires that both parties need to be APNIC account holders.

How is it evaluated?

After the transfer is acknowledged by the recipient account, APNIC will evaluate the transfer based on the IPv4 transfer criteria. Note that the recipient account needs to acknowledge the transfer within 30 days after it is initiated by the source account, or the transfer request will be cancelled.

Any fees for IPv4 transfer?

For any approved IPv4 transfer within the APNIC region, the recipient account will need to pay a transfer fee with the exception of NIR members. The transfer fee is payable before the IPv4 registration is updated by APNIC. The transferred IPv4 addresses may affect the renewal fees for the recipient account.

Transfer pre-approval

IPv4 recipient accounts who wish to better manage their transfer and avoid unexpected delays may request APNIC to evaluate their IPv4 needs before they find any sources of IPv4.

This is known as transfer pre-approval. Once a source of transfer is found and the transfer size is within the approval, the process can progress quickly and does not require the recipient to provide justification again.

How to do this?

The account holders need to complete the "Transfer Pre-approval" form, which can be found in MyAPNIC.

Does a pre-approval expire?

Pre-approvals are valid for 24 months from the approval date.

  • The recipient will be notified by email about their pre-approval size and expiry date.
  • A reminder email will be sent 30 days before their pre-approval expiry date.
  • A notice of pre-approval expiry will be sent after their pre-approval expiry date.

Subsequent pre-approvals

Before an IPv4 address transfer is initiated by the source account, the recipient can lodge a subsequent pre-approval request. When the new request is approved, it will override the existing request.