Registered IPv4 brokers

The registered IPv4 brokers are listed on this page as having signed an agreement with APNIC to act in the manner described in the Guildlines for IPv4 brokers. They are not APNIC’s agents. APNIC does not sponsor, endorse or approve the services provided by any broker.

Organization Economy Contact Phone Skype US Michael Burns +1 855-478-7233 michaelandrewburns
IPv4 Market Group LLC US Sandra Brown +1 855-880-5906
The Kalorama Group US Josh Bourne +1 202-499-4422
Hilco Streambank US Jack Hazan +1 212-610-5663
v4Now AU Shanti Korporaal +61 1300 742 684
IPv4 Xchange, LLC US Mickey Mullins +1-718-764-6775 IPv4Xchange
Avenue4 LLC US Marc Lindsey +1-202-741-9521
Maxtel Holdings, LLC US M Feras Bakkour +1-323-870-4858 Feras201131
PT Ahsan Madani Utama ID Iwan Kurniadi +62-812-1860-9766 ahsanmadaniutama
PT. ARSEN KUSUMA INDONESIA ID Bayu B Megananda +62-21-7918-4484
Xingyun Shuzi LLC CN James Lee +1415-855-2400
Silicon Desert International (dba IPv4 Depot) US Marcus Mamolen +1-602-456-4831 IPv4 Depot
Larus Cloud Service Limited HK Paul Lam +852 2988-8066
Brander Group Inc. (dba IPv4 Connect) US Jake Iskhakov +1 702 560-5616
xTom Hong Kong Limited HK Xiufeng Guo +852 5808-6726 xtomcom
BRENAC.EU FR Thomas BRENAC +33686263575 brenacpro

To be registered with APNIC as an IPv4 broker, please contact the APNIC Helpdesk to request more information.

Guidelines for IPv4 brokers

In consideration of APNIC agreeing (at the Listed Broker’s request) to list the name of the Listed Broker on APNIC’s website, as a broker for the potential transfer of IPv4 addresses and other Internet address resources (Internet Resources), the Listed Broker covenants and agrees with APNIC as follows:

  1. The Listed Broker agrees that, in arranging for and giving effect to the transfer of Internet Resources, it will:
    1. conduct its transfer processes in a fair, honest and transparent manner;
    2. act in good faith in its dealings with the sources and recipients, and potential sellers and purchasers, of Internet Resources (Transaction Parties), and with APNIC;
    3. accurately represent to the Transaction Parties, the address management policies (Address Management Policies) published by APNIC and the other Regional Internet Registries from time to time, including without limitation, those policies relating to the transfer of Internet Resources;
    4. use commercially reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Transaction Parties comply with all the Address Management Policies;
    5. comply with all applicable law.
  2. The Listed Broker agrees that the exclusion of liability and indemnity provisions set out in clause 3.3 of the Membership Agreement between it and APNIC, extend to cover all losses, damages and liabilities arising out of or in connection with:
    1. this document; and/or
    2. the listing of the name of the Listed Broker by APNIC on the APNIC website,

    if they were losses, damages and liabilities arising out of or in connection with the Membership Agreement.

  3. The Listed Broker accepts that APNIC may, in its absolute discretion and without notice to the Listed Broker:
    1. choose whether or not to publish a list of brokers who have agreed to enter into a deed of covenant similar to this document, or;
    2. temporarily or permanently suspend the publication of such list; or
    3. remove the name of the Listed Broker from such list (if one exists) if APNIC considers that the Listed Broker has breached any of its promises set out in this document.
  4. This Deed of Covenant is governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia, and the Listed Broker and APNIC both irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland, Australia.