Kickstart your IPv6 network!

Welcome to the IPv6 application page for Australian Government Agencies, developed with the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) to comply with the Commonwealth
Government Procurement Guidelines.

If you are already an APNIC Member, you may request your initial or ongoing need of IPv6 addresses via MyAPNIC.

If you are not an APNIC Member, please select one of the options below:

Small Government Agency

Your office is in one location and your network is connected to more than one ISP (or you plan to do so within the next three months).

Apply for an IPv6 /48 assignment

Large Government Agency

You have offices in multiple locations and your network is managed centrally, or you are providing Internet connectivity to other organizations.

Apply for an IPv6 /32 allocation

Things to be aware of before applying

  1. This application process will take approximately five minutes to complete. To proceed, you must agree to comply with the APNIC Commonwealth Agency Membership Agreement, duties & responsibilities, and policy criteria.
  2. The initial fee will consist of the Sign-Up Fee (AUD 500) and the annual renewal fee of the IP address space.
  3. An Annual Membership Fee of AUD 1,050* will be charged for a /48 assignment and AUD 1,796* for a /32 allocation. For more information
    on APNIC Membership Fees, please see How Much Does it Cost?
  4. APNIC memberships must be renewed every 12 months to keep the account open and to continue using the resources. Annual membership fee calculations are assessed on the anniversary of opening the APNIC account, according to the total number of IP addresses
    held at that time.
  5. If paying by credit card, you will receive your IPv6 immediately. If you choose to be invoiced and pay by cheque/bank transfer, your IPv6 will be delegated after payment is received.
  6. You can also request an ASN (Autonomous System Number), which does not attract any additional fees.

Need a larger IPv6 address space?

If your immediate requirement for IPv6 addresses is larger than a /32, OR you also need IPv4 space:

Apply for resources

Provide contacts

All assignments and allocations are registered in the APNIC Whois Database, so it is necessary to provide accurate contact details to assist in Internet troubleshooting at all levels.
The registration of resources also ensures that every assignment and allocation of address space is guaranteed as globally unique.