Archived Presentations

APNIC representatives deliver presentations regularly to a variety of meetings, providing general updates on activities, as well as subject-specific material. Presentations are listed below according to the major meetings attended.

Presentations at various meetings are available:

    The African Network Information Centre
  • ARIN
    The American Registry for Internet Numbers
    The Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre
    The RIPE Network Coordination Centre
    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  • IETF
    The Internet Engineering Task Force
  • Global IPv6 Summit
  • NIRs
    National Internet Registries
  • NOGs
    Network Operators Groups
  • Other forums
    Including PITA, ISOC, IGF, AusCert, APEC TEL, and others
  • APNIC Regional Meetings (ARM)
    APNIC Regional Meetings encourage more Members to become active in the APNIC community
  • Law Enforcement Agency Training
    APNIC engages with Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) on matters relating to Internet security issues, by providing training and capacity building
    opportunities to help maintain the Internet as a stable, open, and secure platform.
  • APNIC Labs presentations