Become an APNIC Policy Champion

What is the Policy Champions program?
The Policy Champions program is a community-based initiative by the APNIC Secretariat to facilitate wider consultation for the APNIC Policy SIG.

What does the APNIC Policy SIG do?
The APNIC Policy Special Interest Group (SIG) is a well-established forum for discussing the management of Internet number resources in the Asia Pacific. Decisions made by the SIG affect how Internet Service Providers and other network operators access
and manage IP addresses and Autonomous System Numbers.

This can directly affect how they manage their business and the technical operation of their networks. Corporate networks, Internet access networks, and transit networks may all be affected by policy changes.

Decisions can also affect the operation of critical Internet infrastructure, such as Domain Name Servers and Internet Exchange Points.

The requirements for registering the use of IP addresses and Autonomous System Numbers and the reverse DNS delegations for those resources in the public APNIC Whois Database, are also set by the policy SIG.

What is a Policy Champion?
The Asia Pacific is a very large and diverse region, home to more than half the world’s Internet users. An APNIC Policy Champion takes on the task of helping their community engage in the consensus process.

They relay information about the proposals under discussion and encourage people to share their opinions.

Why become a Policy Champion?
Becoming an APNIC Policy Champion is a way you can serve your local community by ensuring its unique perspectives are considered when making decisions in the Policy SIG.

What is involved in being a Policy Champion?
With assistance from the APNIC Secretariat, Policy Champions need to keep up to date on the work of the Policy SIG. They monitor policy proposals through the Policy Development Process and report back to their community.

How do I know what to do?
Policy Champions get special assistance from the APNIC Secretariat to help them understand and monitor policy discussions in the SIG. APNIC staff provide special briefings on proposals currently under discussion and can answer questions about the
affect these policies might have.
Armed with this knowledge, Policy Champions then take this information to their own community, whether this is a national Network Operator Group (NOG), National Internet Registry (NIR) community, or any other stakeholder group that has an interest
in Internet number resources.

They encourage discussion of the proposals within their community and help people express their opinions back to the wider policy community.

How do I become a Policy Champion?
If you are interested in becoming involved in the Policy Champion program contact the APNIC Secretariat by email at