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IPv6 Policy Archive

Document Number Date   Text Format Change Log Description
apnic-089-v001 1 July 2002   Archive version   This document obsoletes the Provisional IPv6 Policies in effect from 1999. The initial draft was produced by a drafting team from JPNIC and then reviewed by an editing team organized by representatives from each of the three RIRs in place
at that time.
apnic-089-v002 16 August 2004   Archive version View changes Introduces changes that allow for private networks to be assigned IPv6 blocks [prop-015 – Should APNIC
allocate global unicast IPv6 address space to ‘unconnected’ networks?] and for the privacy of ISP customer assignments [prop-007 – Privacy of customer assignment records]. Also adds criteria for the delegation of larger initial allocations.
apnic-089-v003 26 May 2005   Archive version View changes Adds criteria for the assignment of resources to critical infrastructure and IXPs [prop-011
IXP assignments].
apnic-089-v004 15 January 2007   Archive version View changes Institutes a maximum allocation limit of /32 to the Critical Infrastructure criteria [prop-041 – IPv6
assignment size to critical infrastructure].
apnic-089-v005 19 March 2007   Archive version View changes Changes the default end-site assignment size used to calculate the HD-Ratio from /48 to /56 and changes the ratio value from 0.8 to 0.94 [prop-031 – Proposal to amend APNIC IPv6 assignment and utilisation requirement policy]. Allows LIRs to determine their own default allocation size [prop-033 – End site assignment policy for IPv6] Adds multihoming as an assignment criteria prop-035 – IPv6
portable assignment for multihoming.
apnic-089-v006 4 August 2008   Archive version View changes Changes initial allocation criteria allowing current IPv4 resource holders to receive IPv6 without a plan for making 200 assignments [prop-057 – Proposal to change IPv6 initial allocation criteria].
apnic-089-v007 10 February 2010   Archive version View changes Allows resource holders with IPv4 addresses to automatically receive an appropriately-sized IPv6 addresss block. [prop-073 – Simplifying allocation/assignment of IPv6 to APNIC members with existing IPv4 addresses].
apnic-089-v008 5 July 2010   Archive version View changes Implementation of [prop-082 – Removing aggregation criteria for IPv6 initial allocation] to change
the aggregation requirement to a recommendation.
apnic-089-v009 8 November 2010   Archive version View changes Mandates the registration of IRT (Incident Response Team) contacts [prop-079 – Abuse contact informatio].
apnic-089-v010 9 August 2011   Archive version View changes Implements [prop-083 – Alternative criteria for subsequent IPv6 allocation]
apnic-089-v011 19 August 2012   Archive version View changes Requires the APNIC Secretariat to document the use of its Sparse Allocation Criteria [prop-102 – Sparse
allocation guidelines for IPv6 resource allocations].
apnic-089-v012 18 February 2013   Archive version View changes Removes multihoming criteria as an absolute requirement for IPv6 assignments [prop-101 – Removing
multihoming requirement for IPv6 portable assignments]. This document was made obsolete by apnic-127