Archive: Policies for Autonomous System number management in the Asia Pacific region

ASN Policy Archive

Document Number Date Text Format Change Log Description
apnic-094-v001 19 November 2002 Archive version AS policy previously described in APNIC-076
apnic-094-v002 9 February 2004 Archive version View changes Adds the qualification that peering with a public IX qualifies as being mulihomed.
apnic-094-v003 1 January 2007 Archive version View changes Introduces a timetable for the handling of 2- and 4-byte ASNs [prop-032 – 4-byte ASnumber policy proposal].
apnic-094-v004 16 February 2009 Archive version View changes Requires a demonstration of need to obtain a 2-byte rather than 4-byte AS number.
apnic-094-v005 10 February 2010 Archive version View changes Provides a link to information about the recovery of unused historical AS numbers [prop-075 – Ensuring efficient use of historical AS number].
apnic-094-v006 8 November 2010 Archive version View changes Makes registration of an Incident Report Team contact mandatory [prop-079 – Abuse contact information].
apnic-094-v007 16 April 2014 Archive version View changes Implements AS transfers [prop-107AS number transfer policy proposal]. Made obsolete by apnic-127.