IPv6 for governments

The APNIC IPv6 Program has engaged with various governmental stakeholders since 2009 by sharing the latest IPv6 deployment status and how to move forward amid concerns as they emerge. Several governments and intergovernmental organizations have responded to our support by providing IPv6 adoption support to the Internet industries in their respective economies. Governmental support for IPv6 transition may include but is not limited the following activities:

  • Mandate for IPv6 readiness in government procurement forms for ICT goods and services
  • Conduct research on IPv6 readiness in the industry
  • Develop policies, guidelines, and roadmaps to enable IPv6 in government and network infrastructure
  • Subsidize IPv6 skilling up for industry members to support human capacity development
  • Lead the industry by example in adopting IPv6
  • Partnership between government and industry
  • Include the necessity of IPv6 deployment in ministerial statements

Here is a list of some useful documents on IPv6 that were issued by various governments and intergovernmental organizations, as well as news articles that explore the latest status of that economy's IPv6 policies.



Publication date

Australia A Strategy for the Implementation of IPv6 in Australian Government Agencies by AGIMO

July 2009 (version 2)
China "China will put Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) into small-scale commercial pilot use and form a mature business model by the end of 2013, the State Council recently said at an executive meeting about the main goals and road map for the China Next Generation Internet project." reported by China People's Daily Online

Jan 2012
Hong Kong IPv6 Deployment in Hong Kong by HK OGCIO

Dec 2012
India IPv6 Policy & Implementation in Indian Economy
Details to be updated in India DoT IPv6 Activities page.

Feb 2013
Japan Study Group on Advanced Use of Internet with IPv6 Final Report by Japan MIC

Jan 2010
Singapore IPv6 adoption guide for Singapore, report for iDA by Analysys Mason and Tech Mahindra

March 2011
Taiwan Ongoing
USA Planning Guide/Roadmap Toward IPv6 Adoption within the U.S. Government, CIO Council

NIST SP 800-119, Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6, NIST

Dec 2010
IPv6 Knowledge Base, DoD High Performance Computer Modernization Program

Estimating USG IPv6 & DNSSEC External Service Deployment Status

July 2012
Viet Nam Viet Nam IPv6 Day Conference, Official IPv6 Launch (also see VNNIC News)

May 2013
ICT Magazine (pg 9) issued by Viet Nam Ministry of Information and Communications (APNIC contribution, in Viet Namese; APNIC contribution, in English)

April 2013
Intergovernmental organization


Publication date

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) APEC Telecommunication Ministerial Declaration, Paragraph 16

Aug 2012
APEC Ministerial Statement 2010, Paragraph 47

Nov 2010
APEC Telecommunicaiton Ministerial Declaration, Paragraph 9

Oct 2010
APEC TEL IPv6 Guidelines

Sept 2010
Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) Communiqué of the Inaugural Joint Meeting of Pacific Ministers for Energy, Paragraph 6; and Section, "APNIC: Strategic Linkage between Government Policies and IPv6

April 2011