APNIC’s IPv4 pool status

APNIC IPv4 Available Pool

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The above bar graph shows APNIC pool of Available IPv4 addresses. It shows the daily total of IPv4 addresses, expressed in terms of /8s. The total decreased and increased according to APNIC allocations to networks, delegations of /8s received from IANA, and resource returns.

On 15 April 2011, the APNIC pool reached the last /8 of available IPv4 addresses, triggering the Final /8 policy.

APNIC IPv4 address pool

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The above pie graph shows how APNIC's IPv4 address holdings are currently managed.

Now that the Final /8 policy has been implemented, the following processes apply to the three main IPv4 categories:


Given the final /8 policy permits each LIR to receive only one small block (a /22), and that APNIC regularly receives returned IPv4 resources when LIRs close, it will take a very long time to delegate its entire IPv4 pool. For more information,see IPv4 exhaustion details.


Quarantined blocks will be released to the Available pool when their routability and usability problems are minimized.


There is no change to how delegated addresses are managed.