Business managers

IPv4 exhaustion for managers


Businesses that deploy IPv6 now will gain a significant advantage over those that wait until the last minute


Be proactive and learn about IPv6 transition issues to successfully deploy IPv6 in your economy. The Internet is an important piece of social and economic infrastructure, and government organizations need to prepare for IPv6 transition. Governments can lead by example by implementing IPv6 into their procurement policies and network infrastructure.


Ensure your business can maintain scalability and growth by enabling your networks with IPv6. If your business relies on hosting or data centre services, you must plan to deploy IPv6 now. An IPv6-based Internet offers organizations a more efficient, secure, manageable, and cost-effective network architecture.

Content providers

Ensure your content remains available via IPv6 by implementing dual-stack networks. Dual-stacking your network requires both an IPv4 and IPv6 address, allowing simultaneous communication with IPv4 and IPv6 devices.

Application developers

Develop your applications so that they are IPv6-enabled. Ensure your software is compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6, to avoid functionality problems with servers and clients. Do you have the knowledge you need to code dual-stack programs?

Equipment vendors

Enable your IPv6 networks by ensuring your routers, switches, home gateways, servers, firewalls, and network monitoring tools are IPv6-ready. You need to be aware of the significant technical differences between the two protocols; therefore, you must introduce IPv6 support into your product cycles as soon as possible.