End users

IPv4 exhaustion for end users


Initially, Internet users at home may not be greatly affected by IPv4 exhaustion and the transition to IPv6. However, the quality of your IPv4 network experience is likely to degrade over time if your ISP deploys more and more layers of NAT instead of deploying IPv6.

Therefore, it is important for your ISP to make the move to IPv6.

  • You may find some websites and email addresses are unreachable for you, if they are only on IPv6 and your provider only has IPv4 addresses.
  • In some cases, your ISP may use technologies to allow IPv4 customers to reach IPv6 parts of the Internet.
  • To make sure you will be able to access all parts of the Internet post IPv4 exhaustion, you may want to ask your ISP about their plans to support IPv6.
  • When upgrading your home router, check if it supports IPv6.