RIR community

The heart of the RIR system is the NRO, an umbrella organization to coordinate the activities of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). The CEOs of each registry make up the Executive Council (NRO EC).

Current NRO EC members.

NRO Number Council

Three individuals are appointed to the Number Council (NC) from each of the Regional Internet Registry region. The RIRs are free to select these members in any way they see fit.

The members of the NRO NC perform the functions of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization Addressing Council (ASO AC).

In the APNIC region, two members are directly elected by the Internet community. APNIC holds an election each year (normally in August or September) to re-elect one representative. Each representative serves a two year term.

The third member is appointed by the APNIC EC for a one-year term. This appointment is made each year, in the later part of the year. All terms start on 1 January following the election or appointment.

Current NRO NC members.