Asia Pacific Acronym Guide

AITAsian Institute of Technology
APANAsia Pacific Advanced Network
APJIIAsosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia
APNGAsia Pacific Networking Group
APOPSAsia Pacific Operators Forum
APRICOTAsia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies
APTAsia Pacific Telecommunity
APTLDAsia Pacific Top Level Domain Association
APIPv6TFAsia Pacific IPv6 Task Force
AusNOGAustralian Network Operators Group
CNNICChina Network Information Center
IRINNIndian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers
ISOCInternet Society
ISPInternet Service Provider
ISPABInternet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh
ISPAIInternet Service Providers Association of India
ISPAKInternet Service Providers Association of Pakistan
ISPANInternet Service Providers Association of Nepal
IXPInternet eXchange Point
JANOGJapan Network Operators Group
JPNICJapan Network Information Center
KRNICKorea Network Information Center
LISPALanka Internet Service Providers Association
NSPNetworkers Society of Pakistan
NZNOGNew Zealand Network Operators Group
PACNOGPacific Network Operators Group
PHNOGPhilippines Network Operators Group
PITAPacific Islands Telecommunication Association
SANOGSouth Asia Network Operators Group
TWNICTaiwan Network Information Center