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Director of Information Management

  • Internet architecture, addressing and addresses
  • Internet governance, self-regulation and management
  • Key Internet organizations including ICANN, ASO, NRO and RIRs
  • IPv4 exhaustion
  • IPv6 architecture and deployment trends
  • Internet in developing economies

Sanjaya is responsible for the direction and leadership in the management and use of information at APNIC; provide strategic input to the selection and use of information systems, standards and practices; extract knowledge, insights, trends and predictions from multiple systems and data sources to ensure high quality strategic planning and decision making at APNIC. He also represents the APNIC Secretariat in sharing valuable information and insights in public discussions.

APNIC speaking topics

IPv4 exhaustion

  • Data and statistics on IPv4 allocations in the Asia Pacific and globally
  • Management of the remaining IPv4 addresses

IPv6 deployment

  • Statistics on IPv6 deployment and activity
  • Training on IPv6 deployment
  • Technical developments in IPv6
  • Updates on IPv6 discussion through international and regional forums
  • IPv6 information for government and regulators
  • IPv6 information for education
  • IPv6 information for content providers
  • IPv6 in emerging economies

Internet in emerging economies

  • Internet governance
  • Initiatives in emerging economies to increase skills development and capacity building, such as training and root server deployment
  • Internet issues in emerging economies
  • Internet infrastructure development
Current Position and Activities Sanjaya is currently the Director of Information Management at APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry that serves the Asia Pacific region, and a member of the APNIC Executive Team.
Previous Positions Sanjaya joined APNIC in 2001 as Project Manager for the successful design and deployment of MyAPNIC, including the implementation and management of the APNIC Certification Authority. He is also actively involved in Internet industry standard and policy development and has authored policy proposals that have been approved by the APNIC community. He has held various technical, services, and operations management roles, and has been a member of APNIC Executive Team since 2010.

Between 1999-2001, Sanjaya was the Secretary General for APJII (the Association of Indonesia Internet Service Providers), where he helped oversaw the establishment of IDNIC (the Indonesian National Internet Registry), and the Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX).

Between 1994-2000, as President Director of PT IndoInternet Sanjaya established the first commercial ISP in Indonesia. He oversaw market and network operations growth to over 25 cities within Indonesia in 6 years. He also served as a member of the APNIC Executive Council in 1996.

Between 1984-1994, Sanjaya worked at IBM Indonesia at various systems engineering and technical management roles.

  • Post-graduate Studies, Reading University, Dept. of Typography and Graphic Communication, Reading, United Kingdom
  • Bachelor of Science, Bandung Institute of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Dept. of Architecture, Bandung, Indonesia