George Kuo

George Kuo

Senior Advisor — Services

  • IPv4 exhaustion
  • IPv4 transfer
  • IPv6 deployment
  • APNIC Member Services
  • APNIC Registration Services

Current Position and Activities

George Kuo is responsible for managing strategic partnerships across the Asia Pacific, from the initial agreement through all stages of ensuring the partnership is of mutual benefit and successfully implemented, nurtured and maintained.

As the service quality champion, George will also be responsible for leading the way in which APNIC gathers, reports and acts upon all customer feedback across the organization.

Previous Positions

George joined APNIC in 2000 as an Internet Resource Analyst serving the Asia Pacific region including the economies of Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Together with the APNIC Training team, he also conducted training courses in these and nearby regions.

George was previously the Services Director, and oversaw both the APNIC Member Services Unit and Registration Services Unit. These Units provides essential services, assistance, and technical solutions to both APNIC Members and the broader Internet community. This includes serving as the ultimate resource for the APNIC Helpdesk; developing, maintaining, and improving APNIC’s online Internet resources management tool, MyAPNIC; and implementing policy changes.

Before joining APNIC, George provided system administration and network support for Zupps Group and worked in a supervisory role in the hospitality industry.


Griffith University
Bachelor of Business Management

Griffith University
Master of Information Technology