The APNIC Formal Logo

APNIC has a formal logo as a part of its Identity System which is used whenever APNIC is represented in the company of other organizations and on its formal documentation. This resource is provided to guide the consistent use of the Formal Logo.

Use of the APNIC Formal Logo
The Formal Logo may only be the colours shown, all black or reversed as white if used on a dark background. It must not be distorted or embellished in any way. Avoid gimmick touches such as drop shadows, rounded corners, glows, 3D effects etc.

Clearspace around logotype
Minimum clearspace requirements apply. Avoid placing the logotype closer than indicated to any other graphic elements or page edges to ensure maximum prominence and visual impact.  Always maintain a clear space at least equal to the height of the “C”.

Positioning on a page

Whenever possible, the APNIC logo or Icon & Logotype is always positioned to be the uppermost element in the left or right corner.  It can also be used as a footer element either to the left or to the right. Avoid positioning these graphics elsewhere on a page. The Logotype is to appear only once per screen/view/panel.

Files for download

A zip file containing .jpg, .png, and .eps files for use in online and printed applications is available.

Download here

Please contact with any questions before you use the APNIC logo.