The benefits of working at APNIC

Are you keen to be part of our team? Here are just a few of the benefits of working at APNIC.



  • Focus on work/life balance
    • Flexible location
    • Flexible hours
  • Employee assistance program
“Flexible; great environment; very considerate management and highly motivated people are some of the words that I usually use to describe working at APNIC.”

Professional growth

  • In-house and external training
  • Online training on tap
  • English language coaching
  • Study Assistance Program
  • Regular “Lunch ’n’ Learn” sessions

Regional reach

  • Exposure to the fastest growing region in the world
  • Opportunity to meet Internet pioneers
  • Many opportunities to network across the region
  • Opportunities to travel
"Serving 56 economies from Fiji to Afghanistan and Mongolia to New Zealand, the chance to engage with such a diverse and dynamic region is a unique challenge and a real pleasure."

Corporate responsibility

  • EcoAPNIC awareness program
  • Regional disaster support
  • Fundraising
"I find that there is on overriding social conscience and awareness of APNIC's role in helping develop the internet in the region, particularly in developing economies. Knowing that the internet has the potential to improve the lives of many. We are doing great things."

Culture and workspace

  • Modern, open plan
  • Ergonomic
  • Accessible managers
  • Collaborative culture
  • High tech
  • Central location
  • Regular staff lunches and social activities
"The office furnishing are very good for work conditions. APNIC has areas to relax in and rejuvenate the mind to carry on with the work. I wish all organisations were like this."


  • Gender diversity
  • Unique and diverse cultural mix, including
    • Australian
    • Bangladeshi
    • Bhutanese
    • British
    • Chinese
    • Colombian
    • Filipino
    • Fijian
    • Hong Kong SAR
    • Indian
    • Indonesian
    • Japanese
    • Malaysian
    • Mexican
    • Mongolian
    • New Zealanders
    • Nepalese
    • South African
    • Sri Lankan
    • Taiwanese
    • Vietnamese
  • Sponsorship and migration assistance
"APNIC has a diverse multicultural background and treats all employees equally. APNIC looks after their own and provides support where necessary; and has many attractive benefits compared to other organizations in the industry."
"I find that the people I work with every day is one of the most inspiring parts of coming into the APNIC office. I get a great sense of pride being able to assist others with their dilemmas, whether or not they directly relate to my job. I feel motivated to do my best and go beyond expectations to get the job done and help make APNIC deliver better outcomes to its Members. I am inspired to try new things in the interest of improving myself, my colleagues and the Members of APNIC."


  • Broadband allowance
  • Salary continuance insurance
  • Leave loading (extra holiday pay)
  • Market-aligned salaries
  • Time off after travel