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EC Member

Chair Kenny Huang Position: Managing Director and CEO Organization: TWNIC Serving until: March 2025 Dr. Kenny Huang is the leading figure of the Internet communities in Asia. Since the early years of Taiwan’s Internet development, he contributed a great deal to build up a better Internet environment in Taiwan. Because of his tremendous knowledge and […]

EC Member

Treasurer Yoshinobu Matsuzaki Position: Senior Engineer Organization: Internet Initiative Japan Inc. Serving until: March 2025 Yoshinobu Matsuzaki, also known as ‘maz’, began his career working for a commercial ISP in Japan in 1998. He has almost two decades of network operation experience with the backbone network team. He has spoken and presented at APRICOT, bdNOG, […]

EC Member

Anlei Hu Organization: China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) Position: Chief Network Security Officer Serving until: March 2025 Anlei Hu is the Chief Network Security Officer of CNNIC. His senior management experience includes serving as director of CNNIC Technology Department, assistant director of CNNIC, chief network security officer of CNNIC, etc. As a CNNIC (as […]

Policy proposals

This page lists all current policy proposals, their status in the APNIC Policy Development Process (PDP), and the Secretariat impact assessment. Reached consensus at APNIC 55 prop-147: Historical Resources Management prop-150: ROA/whois object with Private, Reserved and Unallocated (reserved/available) Origin ASN prop-151: Restricting non hierarchical as-set Under discussion prop-148: Leasing of Resources is not Acceptable […]


Fellowship Program Overview APNIC is offering a limited number of Fellowships to professionals and youth in the APNIC service region’s Developing, Least Developed Country (LDC) or Small Island Development State (SIDS) economies to participate in an online, structured fellowship program, and to participate in the APNIC 54 conference in Singapore. The 2023 APNIC Fellowship program […]


A place for the APNIC community to connect, discuss and share information related to Internet addressing and networking. Orbit is an evolution of mailing lists, facilitated by APNIC on behalf of the community. Everyone in the community is encouraged to participate. Please be mindful that the Code of Conduct applies. To unsubscribe at any time, […]

EC election voting procedures

The APNIC Executive Council (EC) plays an important role in guiding the APNIC Secretariat and representing the views of the community. We encourage all APNIC Members to participate and vote in the EC election process. To ensure a fair and transparent process there are rules that control how many votes each Member can cast and […]

APNIC EC election procedure

General principles The Executive Council (EC) serves as the governing body of APNIC, as defined in the APNIC By-laws. The membership of this body is selected by election, conducted by secret ballot of the membership. This document describes the procedures to be followed for the conduct of these elections. Nomination of candidates Election candidates are […]

Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report 2022 Annual Report (PDF File, 5.5 MB) 2022 Auditor’s Report of Financials (PDF File, 647 KB) 2021 Annual Report 2021 Annual Report (PDF File, 5.9 MB) 2021 Auditor’s Report of Financials (PDF File, 691 KB) 2020 Annual Report 2020 Annual Report (PDF File, 4.8 MB) 2020 Auditor’s Report of Financials (PDF File, […]

2022 Activity Tracker

The Activity Plan and Budget outlines APNIC’s planned activities in 2022, structured under five pillars (Membership, Registry, Development, Information and Capability) and 18 workstreams. You can track the progress of those activities on this page. Last updated: 27/02/23 Progress against success measures Complete = At least 90% complete = Less than 90% complete = Membership […]

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