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prop-137: IPv6 Assignment for Associate Members

Proposal text prop-137-v001 Objective This proposal suggests providing an incentive to small enterprises and academia/researchers to receive IPv6 assignment. As the proposal states, APNIC Associate Members may request IPv6 assignment with the restrictions that the assignment cannot be further assigned to other organisations. Current status To be discussed at APNIC 52 Author Aftab Siddiqui Relevant […]

prop-131: Editorial changes in IPv6 Policy

Proposal text prop-131-v002 Objective This proposal suggests multiple (mainly) editorial changes in the IPv6 Policy. The intent is to remove non-necessary text, and simplify the policy. Current status Implemented Authors Jordi Palet Martínez Relevant forum Policy SIG Previous versions prop-131-v001 Status at other RIRs A similar proposal has been submitted to RIPE. Proposal history 09 […]

prop-121: Updating “Initial IPv6 allocation” policy

Proposal text prop-121-v001 Synopsis This proposal seeks to make sure policy is aligned with a wider set of possible IPv6 deployment cases and facilitate the justification of the allocation/assignment size if a bigger address block (versus the default one) is requested. Current status Implemented on 20 November 2017 Author Jordi Palet Martínez Relevant forum Policy SIG Previous versions […]

prop-122: Updating “Subsequent IPv6 allocation” policy

Proposal text prop-122-v001 Synopsis This proposal seeks to make sure that the subsequent IPv6 allocation policy is synchronized with the initial allocation one. Current status Implemented on 20 November 2017 Author Jordi Palet Martínez Relevant forum Policy SIG Previous versions N/A Status at other RIRs Both RIPE and LACNIC have approved equivalent changes. Proposal history 8 […]

IPv6 in Numbers

Current data from APNIC Labs show IPv6 deployment in absolute terms is still quite low across several layers. However, looking at the past 18 months, there is strong growth. There is now adequate information available for your region, economy, and network to benchmark IPv6 readiness. This is a graph from APNIC Labs end user IPv6 […]

IPv6 Best Current Practices

Just as IPv4 network operations have evolved to their current states by identifying and implementing various Best Current Practices (BCP), IPv6 network operations are also evolving. Network operators around the world are constantly finding better ways to manage IPv6 deployment through their operational experiences, and from the shared experiences of others. This page provides the […]

IPv6 for CTOs

The decision making process in choosing technologies to deploy IPv6 and extending the lifetime of available IPv4 addresses cannot be simplified into a diagram. These are decisions that require careful consideration of an organization's business model, financial situation, and so forth. IPv6@APNIC will share more detailed documents on this topic. The following flow chart provides […]

IPv6 transition stories

Today's Internet developed as a result of progressive deregulation of the telecommunication environment. Network operators both fiercely compete in the market economy, while cooperating to overcome common technical challenges by sharing knowledge, experience, and forming best current practices to reference in daily operations. The success of global IPv6 also depends on sharing knowledge and experiences. […]

IPv6 timeline

2012 Other RIR IPv4 free pools predicted to be fully consumed 2011 3 February: IANA IPv4 free pool fully consumed 15 April: APNIC reaches Final /8 of IPv4 2009 APNIC holds "Plenary: IPv6 in 3D" at its Open Policy Meeting (APNIC27 in Manila) APNIC highlights the importance of adopting IPv6 at APEC TEL 39 in […]

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